SEO Four Steps To Quick Success

SEO Four Steps To Quick Success

If I had a​ dollar for every time someone asked me “So how do you​ do Search Engine Optimisation”,​ I’m sure I would have been able to​ buy a​ house with the​ proceeds by now.

The short answer is​ that there is​ not a​ magic formula to​ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO),​ you​ can’t just change a​ few things and the​ website will appear on​ the​ first page of​ the​ results for a​ competitive search phrase.

When my clients ask what SEO actually is,​ I tell them that it​ is​ positioning a​ website in​ the​ top results on​ the​ search engines. This is​ done by on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation.

There are key elements when it​ comes to​ doing SEO and all must be met or​ your website is​ doomed from the​ start.

1) Have your keywords in​ your title tags
2) Make sure your website copy has your keywords in​ it
3) Have backlinks pointing back to​ your site
4) Have your Keywords in​ the​ backlinks.

To explain what I mean in​ point four: All websites should have backlinks pointing back to​ themselves. in​ addition,​ they need to​ have their keywords included in​ the​ backlinks – This is​ called anchor text.

Having anchor text in​ your backlinks is​ vitally important,​ and will help your website rank much,​ much faster.

Aged domains also play a​ big part in​ a​ websites success,​ this means that search engines favour older domains – usually over twelve months old.

If you​ own a​ website that is​ at​ least a​ year old it​ would be far more beneficial to​ use that particular site rather than registering and creating a​ new site.

Also having your keywords in​ your domain name is​ of​ great benefit when it​ comes to​ SEO. it​ is​ estimated that a​ website with its particular keywords in​ it​ will rank ten times faster than websites that don’t.

Including your keywords in​ your sub pages also helps a​ lot.

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