SEO For Search Engines Or Humans

SEO For Search Engines Or Humans

SEO,​ or​ Search Engine Optimization,​ is​ something that many webmasters are now obsessing over. Many web site owners are spending countless hours tweaking and modifying their web sites,​ adding keyword rich content,​ and spending hours obtaining back links,​ so that their site will rank higher in​ search engines. it​ is​ true that over 90% of​ all web surfers use search engines to​ visit sites on​ a​ regular basis,​ but should web masters and web site designers build and tweak sites for search engines,​ or​ for their visitors?

The answer to​ this question is​ that when you​ build a​ web site,​ you​ are not targeting web search engine crawlers,​ you​ are targeting people and human visitors. Hence,​ you​ should build a​ web site for humans,​ not search engines. the​ whole purpose to​ create a​ web site is​ so that you​ can get traffic. Without traffic,​ a​ web site is​ worthless. No matter how many features and how functional your site is,​ without traffic,​ your design and functionality do not matter. Although search engines can help bring in​ traffic,​ web sites that are designed for search engines,​ are often not designed for human visitors and all the​ traffic that your web site gets will be worthless. Visitors will visit and then soon leave your web site and not return again. Return visitors are critical for the​ success of​ any web site.

One good example of​ optimizing for search engines purely is​ some webmasters tend to​ stuff tons of​ keywords into the​ Meta-Tags; this is​ a​ very bad practice and will get the​ site blacklisted. Moreover,​ this black hat technique does not benefit the​ users.

Hence,​ when building a​ web site,​ one should build it​ for human visitors. if​ you​ have articles that are too keyword dense,​ the​ quality of​ the​ writing will not be as​ high as​ it​ should,​ and quite frankly,​ many of​ your visitors will be annoyed if​ you​ keep using words such as​ “mesothelioma” or​ “home insurance loan” to​ get your web site high in​ the​ search rankings for these terms. They will leave your web site and most likely not return. if​ you​ create a​ web site where content is​ created for people to​ read and is​ well written,​ chances are you​ will get many return visitors who like the​ quality of​ the​ content you​ provide and come back frequently to​ read any new content you​ may have added. the​ more people that visit and link to​ your web site,​ the​ more popular it​ well become and naturally,​ it​ will be ranked higher in​ search engines.

Also,​ rather than spending hours building links for SEO purposes,​ that time could be better spent on​ adding features to​ your web site which would prompt more people to​ return to​ your site and stay at​ your web site for a​ longer period of​ time.

In conclusion,​ although spending lot of​ time on​ SEO and increasing your search engine rankings in​ the​ short run,​ the​ visitors you​ get from your SEO efforts will not be valuable as​ chances are they will not visit again. if​ you​ build your web sites for people,​ your traffic will grow and search engine rankings will rise naturally. Hence,​ the​ best way to​ build a​ successful web site is​ to​ build for people and allow your web site to​ naturally move up search engine rankings.

SEO For Search Engines Or Humans

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