Whether your web site is​ big or​ small there are five basic things that are must do’s when it​ comes to​ search engine optimizing your website.

The first key thing is​ to​ take the​ time to​ do a​ careful search of​ all of​ your keywords and key phrases and make sure that they really do relate to​ what you​ are selling. Use a​ good program like Wordtracker or​ hire someone to​ do professional keyword research as​ not knowing your keywords is​ like driving blind in​ the​ dark.

Make sure you​ write a​ short descriptive title tag of​ what each page of​ your site is​ all about before you​ submit it​ to​ the​ search engines. This information can also help the​ users that are searching for you​ locate you​ easily. ” Avoid the​ temptation of​ creating title tags that are longer than 30 characters maximum,​ since they might have a​ dilution effect in​ your rankings of​ certain search engines.

Make sure that the​ main text on​ your web page is​ the​ same as​ the​ keywords contained in​ your title tag. This is​ so that the​ search engines have something to​ hook into when they search your site. Try and repeat these keywords two to​ three times in​ the​ main body of​ the​ text without sounding repetitive it.

Add a​ sitemap to​ you​ r site as​ that assists both the​ search engines and users in​ assessing your pages. it​ also helps Google properly index your site.

Another tip is​ to​ make sure that your site is​ enrolled in​ some kind of​ link popularity program. Increasing the​ number of​ links that point to​ your site will boost you​ in​ the​ results pages. you​ should only link to​ sites that have similar themes to​ your site,​ and stay away from bad “neighborhoods” or​ from so-called link farms or​ FFA sites.

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