SEO Finding Quality Link Partners

Linking with quality partners is​ one way of​ practicing SEO as​ it​ can help boost your rankings in​ the​ search engines. Link popularity is​ a​ factor that many search engines use when ranking web pages within their indexes. Nineteen of​ the​ top twenty search engines currently look for this when ranking sites for their search engine pages.

Whine it​ comes to​ linking,​ quantity has been important in​ the​ past but the​ recent trend is​ for the​ search engine to​ consider the​ quality of​ the​ links. the​ most expedient way to​ get expedient links is​ to​ link yourself to​ popular directories such as​ the​ Open Directory Project,​ which is​ considered high quality because it​ is​ edited by humans and not search engine spiders. Once Google and Lycos sees you​ listed in​ this site they usually add you​ and boost your ranking.

It also hopes to​ look for partners whose products or​ services have something to​ do with what you​ are selling. For instance if​ you​ have a​ site selling search engine optimization software you​ might want to​ link up with a​ site selling an​ easy ezine or​ article submitter as​ the​ two products compliment each either. However the​ important thing is​ to​ choose a​ partner that is​ not going to​ imitate you​ or​ grow into selling the​ same products that you​ are.

When you​ look for such sites look for quality,​ highly ranked,​ non-competing sites that have plenty of​ working links or​ resource pages. Even better,​ many of​ the​ links on​ their pages may be a​ valuable resource when it​ comes to​ finding links that also suit your site.

The best way to​ ask for a​ link from a​ big site is​ to​ add their link first to​ show that you​ intend to​ work with them in​ good faith and then ask them if​ they would like to​ trade links with you. you​ can always remove it​ if​ they decide to​ be nasty and say no which is​ more common than ever with some of​ the​ larger sites.

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