SEO Familiarizing Yourself With The Metrix

SEO Familiarizing Yourself With The Metrix

Turning a​ pay per click affiliate program into a​ money making machine involves getting to​ know what professional Internet marketers call the​ metrix. the​ metrix is​ simply a​ term that means “numbers.” you​ need to​ get cozy with your numbers and you​ have to​ know how to​ read them so that you​ can figure out when they are reflecting a​ profit and when they are reflecting loss. This is​ how you​ figure out your costs versus your profits and whether or​ not you​ are getting ahead.

As an​ affiliate marketer you​ will also hear the​ term ROI flung around all the​ time. This is​ an​ acronym for Return on​ Investment For instance,​ if​ you​ know that your affiliate program pays you​ $1.00 for sale,​ you​ could theoretically bid 0.75 cents per click to​ bid on​ a​ keyword in​ a​ pay per click program and still make a​ quarter with each click. However what many beginning network marketers overlook in​ the​ beginning (perhaps it​ is​ wishful thinking) is​ that this is​ only true if​ 100% of​ the​ people visiting your site actually buy. This means that most of​ that .75 that you​ are paying for is​ going to​ consumed by someone who logs into your site and is​ “just looking.” Never assume that the​ traffic you​ are bidding on​ is​ going to​ be the​ same kind of​ traffic that is​ already visiting your website.

If you​ don’t want untargeted,​ non-buying traffic it​ is​ important to​ do some market research before you​ launch a​ pay per click advertising campaign. This means taking the​ time to​ find out which words or​ phrases people most commonly use and input into the​ search engines when they shop for your product or​ service. One of​ the​ best free online tools for conducting this kind of​ targeted market research is​ the​ Overture (Yahoo) keyword search engine tool.

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