SEO A Face Behind The Keyboard

SEO A Face Behind The Keyboard

The apartment is​ dim except the​ light from the​ laptop as​ slender fingers move deftly over the​ keyboard. the​ window to​ her right is​ open slightly and the​ noise of​ the​ city is​ welcomed in​ the​ midst of​ the​ previously silent room.

A quick trip through the​ favorites and an​ online station begins playing music while she strolls to​ her favorite search engine and enters a​ search term for a​ line of​ cosmetics she saw in​ the​ mall.

The list of​ sites that carry the​ product is​ impressive so she clicks on​ the​ first site as​ she hums along to​ a​ song she’s heard dozens of​ times. She can’t quite find what she needs so she double clicks the​ back button and begins looking for another site. She breezes through a​ few more sites before she lands on​ one that has some articles that deal with the​ product.

“Here we go,​” she says as​ she repositions herself on​ the​ couch and studies the​ information. She reads testimonials and practical use data. She finds out some of​ the​ reasons why this product is​ different than most other available cosmetics. She’s happy with what she sees.

She picks up her cell phone and calls her best friend. She tells her friend about the​ cosmetic they had seen in​ the​ mall and what she had found out. at​ the​ end of​ the​ conversation she cuts and pastes a​ link to​ the​ site in​ an​ email and sends it​ off. Her friend is​ interested too.

Similar scenarios happen virtually every minute of​ the​ day. People want to​ know how much you​ know about the​ product you​ are selling. if​ they can’t find the​ information on​ your website it’s just a​ few clicks and they are on​ to​ the​ next site.

These consumers may not intentionally hold it​ against you,​ but they will forget you​ rather quickly if​ you​ don’t seem to​ be able to​ help them.

Not only is​ web content important for customer retention,​ it​ is​ also important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.

Sometimes those involved in​ online marketing forget the​ real people behind the​ computer monitors who are seeking to​ access information we can provide. We think of​ them in​ terms of​ sheer numbers. This article was written in​ an​ attempt to​ put a​ practical picture in​ the​ minds of​ online business owners who are reaching out to​ the​ women searching for cosmetics and the​ parents looking for a​ specific teething ring for a​ fussy baby,​ a​ teenager looking for t-shirts,​ the​ guy who just hasn’t been able to​ find the​ right tool,​ or​ a​ mature adult looking for information on​ retirement investment opportunities.

The Internet can seem very impersonal – don’t forget there is​ a​ face behind every order and they not only want your product they want to​ know everything about your product – and they want to​ know if​ they can trust you.

If they can they will likely return and they may bring a​ few friends. if​ they can’t they won’t be back.

SEO A Face Behind The Keyboard

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