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SEO Elite does what exactly?

SEO Elite starts from the​ following assumption:

- look at​ the​ page that ranks number 1 in​ Google,​
- do exactly the​ same + a​ bit better,​
- and you​ will be number 1

SEO Elite will examine "all" the​ SEO parameters that it​ finds out about the​ number 1 site in​ Google. Then this SE software will automate the​ process in​ mimicking this for your site.

SEO is​ more than a​ software-approach!

SEO is​ the​ art of​ ranking number 1 in​ any search engine for any keyword.

Spiders rank a​ website number one because they "think" that this site deserves to​ be number one. of​ course the​ spider cannot think,​ and there needs to​ be a​ programmer who programs the​ spider to​ find out which site is​ best.

Now if​ you​ are smart enough to​ feed the​ spider exactly what the​ programmer thinks is​ important,​ you​ will have the​ knowledge to​ rank number 1.

This is​ exactly what SEO Elite does: it​ claims to​ know how to​ find out "all" the​ parameters that make a​ website ranking number 1.

Pitfalls of​ a​ software-approach to​ SEO

Suppose you​ find all the​ parameters needed to​ rank a​ website number 1. you​ manage to​ get all this parameters onto your site and you​ even manage to​ be rank number 1.

Now if​ your site is​ really deserving to​ be ranked number 1,​ all is​ fine. But if​ surfers start complaining that you​ are not,​ they will complain like: gosh,​ this Google these days just gives undeserving sites ranked at​ number 1.

It won't take long since Google find out that "somebody broke the​ code" of​ the​ spiders,​ and they will update the​ spiders,​ hey,​ they want the​ search engine to​ give quality back to​ the​ visitors!

So that means that you​ need to​ get an​ upgrade of​ your SEO software approach... in​ other words: you​ are running after the​ facts in​ stead of​ above the​ facts.

How to​ be ranked number 1?

You rank number 1 because you​ deserve it. in​ general spider logic this still means:
- your page talks about the​ keyword you​ are optimizing for
- you​ page has lots of​ incoming links about the​ keyword you​ are optimizing for.

This is​ what SEO is​ about,​ and whatever you​ do different could make you​ not be number 1.

But my SEO software is​ really up to​ date,​ or​ is​ it​ not?

Your software can only be up to​ date AFTER the​ spiders' software is​ updated. Unless you​ write the​ spiders yourself,​ you​ will always be a​ bit later.

You cannot know all the​ parameters the​ spider takes into account,​ unless again you​ are writing the​ spider software yourself.

And some of​ the​ parameters you​ cannot influence: age of​ the​ website is​ one of​ them. Suppose the​ spider needs to​ choose between 2 websites: the​ oldest one and the​ SEO mimic: which one to​ choose? the​ oldest one would be the​ easiest bet,​ and you​ cannot change the​ age of​ your website can you?

SEO Elite: a​ close look at​ this SEO software

SEO Elite advertisement says you​ can get a​ top 5 Google Ranking in​ under 30 Days... But the​ examples on​ the​ SEO Elite website tell a​ different story!

There are 16 websites listed at​ the​ bottom of​ the​ website with their rankings.

Examining those 16 websites :

- 6 are about Yahoo rankings (and the​ advertisement stated clearly Google ranking!)
- from the​ 10 Google rankings left,​ only 1 is​ stated to​ rank number 1 in​ Google BUT
- typing this so called number 1 website keywords in​ Google,​ the​ website ranks down only number 9!
- and the​ so called number 1 website keyword-phrase is​ far from a​ popular keyword-phrase,​ in​ other words:
not a​ lot of​ people search for that keyword AND
the website doesn't rank number 1 for this keyword...

Why do you​ do SEO in​ the​ first place?

SEO is​ 1 of​ the​ ways to​ get more traffic to​ your website. But there is​ more in​ getting a​ lot of​ traffic to​ your site,​ than "blindly ranking 1 in​ Google":

--- Always make sure you​ rank number 1 for a​ word a​ lot of​ people are looking for! ---

If you​ buy any SEO software or​ outsource your SEO to​ the​ SEO specialists: always check their SEO examples:
- are they ranking number 1
- are the​ keywords they rank for popular search keywords (bigger than 10.000 searches a​ month in​ the​ Keyword Selector Tool from Yahoo's searchmarketing is​ considered not too low)
- how long did it​ take them to​ be number 1
- how big is​ the​ competition for the​ keyword-phrase (smaller or​ bigger than 5 million? as​ a​ general rule : above 5 million keyword-phrase results in​ Google,​ things become though)
- how big is​ the​ competition for the​ quoted "keyword-phrase" (smaller or​ bigger than 33.000? as​ a​ general rule : above 33.000 quoted "keyword-phrase" results in​ Google,​ things become though)

If for all these items the​ SEO software or​ SEO specialist can answer YES,​ then you​ can start taking them very seriously!

Let us use SEO Elite as​ an​ example of​ how serious you​ should take this SEO software.

1. SEO Elite: Are they ranking number 1?

Yes they are for the​ keyword-phrase SEO Elite.

2. SEO Elite: Are the​ keywords they rank for popular search keywords?

According to​ the​ Keyword Selector Tool from Yahoo's searchmarketing,​ SEO elite has less than 2000 searches,​ so it's not that bad,​ but again,​ it​ is​ under the​ 10.000.

The top keywords are :
46762 searches for SEO
10815 searches for SEO services
9849 searches for SEO company,​

and for none of​ these the​ SEO Elite website ranks number 1.

So "No" for popular search keywords.

3. How long did it​ take them to​ be number 1?

I cannot answer that question now.

4. How big is​ the​ competition for the​ keyword-phrase

SEO elite has about 1.5 million search results in​ Google,​ less than % million,​ so shouldn't be to​ though to​ rank number 1 for. So that's a​ "NO".

5. How big is​ the​ competition for the​ quoted "keyword-phrase"

The quoted keyphrase "SEO Elite" has about 250.000 search results,​ so the​ competition is​ stiff here and the​ SEO Elite website ranks number 1 here,​
so that's a​ "YES".

6. SEO Elite results

2 YES and 2 NO... so for my analysis,​ it​ SEO Elite is​ a​ 50-50 program. it​ means it​ can do some good but is​ not proving it​ can do all. And the​ question is: do I really need to​ spend the​ money to​ reach not the​ highest goal: ranking number 1 for a​ popular key-wordphrase?

6. SEO Elite: the​ website

Whenever you​ are interested in​ something to​ buy on​ the​ Internet,​ check out the​ overall website of​ the​ product you​ want to​ buy! For SEO software

SEO Elite website is​ a​ 1 page website... Now what was the​ first idea to​ set up the​ Internet? to​ give people information,​ lots of​ information.

And we are talking about a​ "net" in​ Inter"net": net means links here,​ there,​ everywhere... (that's why links is​ so imprtant in​ SEO)

I didn't see any of​ these and from the​ point of​ the​ "information-internet" I don't like that: a​ SEO software program being on​ a​ website without loads of​ interesting content and without loads of​ links.

SEO software: read and check the​ examples before you​ buy!

Again this goes for all SEO software you​ want to​ buy on​ the​ Internet: if​ they say "I ranked this website for that
keyword number 1 in​ Google",​ spend a​ few seconds to​ check it​ out!

1. SEO Elite: check out Google

SEO Elite's first sentence talks about "your page in​ Google"

This sounds promising: is​ SEO Elite "the" SEO software to​ get me number 1 in​ "the" number 1 search engine

Well,​ at​ the​ bottom of​ the​ screen of​ the​ SEO Elite web page you​ then read:
Using SEO Elite I rank number 1 in​ Yahoo for this,​ that,​ and more site...

Oops,​ Yahoo! ...

So do you​ want to​ be ranked number 1 in​ Yahoo,​ or​ do you​ want to​ be ranked number 1 in​ Google?
Everywhere I can hear you​ say... you​ want to​ be ranked number 1 in​ Google as​ that is​ at​ this moment the​ most
used search engine of​ all. if​ you​ get number 1 in​ Google,​ you​ surely will have a​ high ranking in​ Yahoo and MSN,​
not the​ other way round!
So why starting the​ SEO Elite website with Google rankings and then switch to​ Yahoo?

But you​ mostly want to​ be ranked number 1 in​ Google because you​ have to​ pay for SEO Elite!

2. SEO Elite's website examples

The SEO Elite website lists 16 example pages: high example-rankings using SEO Elite.

From those 16 ,​ there are 6 Yahoo rankings,​ so that leaves us with 10 Google rankings.

Remember my SEO keywords rule above : SEO is​ well possible if​ your keyword phrase has less than 5 million results in​ Google.

How many of​ the​ example site in​ SEO Elites website are below this 5 million?
Only 2 out of​ 10.

And how many of​ those 10 rank 1 in​ Google?
Only 1 (or at​ least that is​ what they want you​ to​ believe!)

Hmmm. if​ I am going to​ pay big bucks for SEO Elite,​ then I want to​ be number 1. Don't you?
Don't you​ just hate it​ to​ be number 2?
I do,​ especially when I need to​ pay for it!

3. SEO Elite's website examples : the​ numbers are wrong!

Numbers,​ numbers and numbers... Always check the​ numbers on​ any website!
So SEO Elite claims to​ have a​ number 1 ranking website :

* keyword phrase : learn to​ type faster
* website

It takes only a​ few seconds to​ verify what SEO Elite says :
Type in​ Google - learn to​ type faster - and see what comes out:

55 million results! and not 5 million like mentioned on​ the​ SEO Elite website.
Great you​ say: SEO Elite is​ modest,​ he is​ able to​ rank number 1 with a​ higher competition than mentioned!

Does he???

Eh,​ you​ take a​ few seconds and a​ scroll down to​ find the​ example website ranking number 9!

Number 9!

Eh,​ yes you​ say: maybe the​ competition took over after the​ time the​ SEO Elite website was written...

Yes,​ but wasn't the​ idea of​ SEO to​ rank number 1.... not for 1 day but "forever".
Or was it​ just a​ typo like the​ 55 million that became 5 million,​ people do make mistakes you​ know...

Whatever the​ reason for the​ mistake: you​ need to​ check out all numbers quoted on​ the​ internet yourself!

All is​ a​ lot you​ say? I agree,​ but if​ the​ first example I chose already doesn't fit the​ reality,​ then you​ don't need to​ check all.

Anybody can make mistakes,​ but luckily we can easily check everything what is​ said about SEO,​ so always check
anything said about SEO before spending money on​ it!

Rank 9 is​ not that bad after all you​ say....

I agree,​ the​ first time your website gets on​ the​ first page of​ Google is​ one you​ keep remembering.

I had to​ scroll down to​ find the​ SEO example page and only found it​ because I was looking for the​ particular URL
stated in​ SEO Elite's example.
In other words,​ if​ you​ are ranked number 9,​ it​ takes some efforts of​ the​ visitor to​ actually scroll down and chose to​ click on​ number 9.

What is​ even more strange: the​ quoted keyword-phrase : "Learn to​ type faster" has no ranking on​ the​ first page!

Now this is​ what really bothers me: if​ I search in​ Google for the​ exact phrase "learn how to​ type faster" I would
assume that the​ SEO Example site would be number 1 there!

Back to​ Basics: what is​ the​ purpose of​ SEO?

Your purpose is​ getting as​ much people to​ your site as​ possible,​ isn't it?

SEO software has the​ purpose of​ ranking 1 in​ Google.

Now it​ is​ very easy to​ rank 1 in​ Google for the​ keyword-phrase "jhdkghgkbdcds",​
but who is​ looking for jhdkghgkbdcds??? Nobody!

So if​ nobody looks for jhdkghgkbdcds,​ then why bother to​ rank number 1 with it?

Same with the​ above example-site with keyword phrase "learn to​ type faster":

The Overture keyword-tool says that 448 people are typing in​ this keyword sentence in​ Yahoo.

448 people... is​ this a​ lot?
As mentioned above in​ this article: Nope,​
and those 448 need to​ find the​ result example website at​ rank 9... not ideal SEO!

What is​ a​ nice number? Anything above 10.000 but: also know that above 10.000 "the big boys' are competing
with you,​ below 1000 you​ kind of​ have the​ field for yourself. Ranking second for this example website could be expected after 2 months,​ but it​ should be number 1 in​ no time,​ even without using SEO software.

SEO Elite Conclusion

As I said before: always check the​ numbers and the​ facts about any SEO software! Also check the​ numbers in​ this SEO article written 13th May 2018.

Then make a​ decision yourself. if​ you​ see that the​ SEO software
- is​ ranking well for it's own product
- is​ ranking websites for popular keyword well,​

only then you​ can consider buying it.

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