SEO The Downfall Of SEO Content

SEO The Downfall Of SEO Content

You can search engine optimize your website or​ blog all you​ want with keyword rich copy but if​ the​ information you​ are providing is​ stale,​ repetitive,​ robotic or​ plagiarized then you​ are not likely to​ attract many visitors. Furthermore most search engine spiders and robots will penalize you​ for plagiarizing and rewriting content from elsewhere by not including your pages in​ its search engines.

Another reason that your SEO content could be failing is​ not necessarily that you​ have committed the​ sin of​ plagiarism or​ being out of​ touch,​ but you​ may have chosen to​ search engine optimize copy for a​ product that has a​ glutted market. if​ a​ lot of​ people are writing about the​ product then it​ means you​ have failed to​ properly define your niche market in​ terms of​ how it​ will make a​ profit. Trying to​ make a​ profit in​ a​ glutted market is​ often useless and it​ is​ also a​ bane to​ SEO marketing as​ the​ keywords that are used to​ market glutted products are often too general and too popular to​ bring you​ the​ targeted customers that you​ need.

Sometimes the​ problem is​ that you​ have identified yourself as​ some kind of​ online consultant or​ guru but then somehow did not live up to​ the​ expectation of​ the​ people who have visited your site. a​ simple mistake in​ your SEO,​ niche language or​ keywords (or even a​ simple spelling mistake!) could have many people turned right off of​ your site. you​ might have also hired a​ ghostwriter who knows nothing about their assigned topic and you​ have no idea that your book is​ plagiarized from sources all over the​ web. Who wants to​ pay for information that they can already get on​ the​ World Wide Web for free?

Always remember that SEO selling always has to​ do with your credibility. Trying to​ sell things with a​ web page full of​ innocuous advice or​ copy full of​ nonsensical keywords never works.

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