SEO Dont SEO What Does Not Sell

SEO Dont SEO What Does Not Sell

Sometimes what people see as​ the​ failure of​ search engine optimization techniques is​ actually the​ failure of​ a​ business in​ general. There is​ something to​ be said for “doing what you​ love and the​ money will come” but if​ nobody else loves it​ but you​ and your wife,​ it​ is​ not going to​ sell. This means doing a​ bit of​ market research,​

Developing an​ Internet business is​ the​ same as​ developing any other type of​ business. you​ need a​ concept that will sell which of​ course means asking yourself the​ series of​ deep penetrating questions and of​ course doing your homework. it​ also means giving the​ people what they want which is​ basically “a quality product that works at​ an​ affordable price.” Yet for some reason most people believe that they most people will go for “a low quality product sold at​ a​ high price and that a​ bit of​ well applied SEO will take care of​ any flaws in​ the​ business plan. Nothing could be further from the​ truth!

There are really only three things that you​ can sell on​ the​ Internet.

1) Goods. These are concrete items that you​ would normally find in​ a​ retail store. Selling goods is​ your most expensive option simply as​ it​ might require the​ leasing of​ warehouse space.

2) Services. This includes all the​ services you​ would normally expect to​ be sold in​ the​ non-virtual world.

3) Information. This is​ everything that you​ would find in​ a​ newspaper,​ magazine,​ periodical or​ library.

Once you​ have decided what you​ want to​ sell,​ whether it​ be goods,​ services or​ information or​ some kind of​ dual or​ tripled combination of​ all three options,​ you​ are ready to​ contemplate the​ type of​ business that you​ want run on​ the​ Internet and create an​ intelligent SEO strategy for marketing it!

Success breeds Success!

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