SEO Dont Be Sent To The Google Sandbox

SEO Dont Be Sent To The Google Sandbox

A definition and description of​ the​ Google Sandbox and a​ discussion of​ the​ search engine optimization techniques that can lead your site to​ be sent there.

The Google Sandbox is​ a​ kind of​ virtual holding cell where websites that don’t quite make the​ grade or​ that are suspected of​ spamming are put into a​ kind of​ purgatory. as​ you​ may or​ may not know,​ the​ Google spiders make two trips to​ your index before they index it. the​ first trip by a​ spider indexes your strengths and weaknesses and if​ there is​ a​ lot of​ weaknesses then it​ could take the​ search engine months to​ analyze your site. if​ the​ site seems like it​ spamming somehow or​ inethical it​ may not be indexed at​ all.

Basically when the​ Google Spiders index your site they also take note of​ how you​ may be trying to​ manipulate the​ search engine rankings. Two things that could definitely get you​ into trouble are over optimizing the​ web site with keywords and building too many low quality links too fast.

You should be extra careful about this if​ your website is​ new. Over optimizing is​ what a​ lot of​ copycat sites do to​ beat out the​ competition and the​ search engine spiders may note this. if​ you​ have a​ new site with way too many links it​ is​ automatic evidence of​ link farming to​ the​ Google search engines who will then penalize you​ for it​ – i.e. send your site to​ the​ Google sandbox.

There are certain industries that are more suspect than others and that Google may have less patience with when it​ comes to​ link farming and keyword stuffing. This includes the​ po​rn,​ pharmaceutical,​ Internet,​ work at​ home business,​ psychic and yes,​ even the​ SEO industry. in​ fact if​ you​ are selling business to​ business products or​ ebooks about how to​ make more money using SEO then you​ might be a​ number one candidate to​ be sent to​ the​ Google sandbox as​ you​ are displaying obvious knowledge of​ “cheating the​ search engines” type techniques in​ your web content.

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