SEO Does SEO Mean Changing A Sites Code

SEO Does SEO Mean Changing A Sites Code

Any SEO expert will tell you​ that SEO does not mean changing a​ site’s code if​ you​ designed your site right in​ the​ first place. if​ you​ have hired professionals to​ employ the​ range of​ strategies and techniques usually employed with SEO then you​ will not need that many “on-page factors.” On-page factors are what SEO experts call changes that need to​ be made to​ text of​ your site. ‘

There are two ways of​ applying SEO techniques – through the​ application of​ good design and through such methods that the​ search engines do not approve of​ such as​ spamdexing. Some industry experts define these methods,​ and the​ practitioners who utilize them,​ as​ either "white hat SEO",​ or​ "black hat SEO". Other SEO experts see the​ whole black and white hat polarization as​ an​ over-simplification of​ what search engine optimization actually involves. However as​ a​ rule of​ thumb – the​ more changes that you​ or​ your SEO expert are making to​ your text,​ the​ more coding your pages will need.

Coding a​ site to​ maximize SEO is​ best utilized during the​ initial stages of​ a​ site’s design. This is​ because even the​ rudimentary structures to​ do with web page design can be optimized including the​ menus,​ content management systems and shopping carts.

An SEO tactic,​ technique or​ method is​ considered "White hat" if​ it​ conforms to​ the​ search engines' guidelines and does not involve an​ attempt to​ deceive the​ search engines. White Hat pleases search engines because it​ reflects content that a​ user will definitely see if​ the​ link is​ clicked on​ in​ the​ search engine pages. Black hat" SEO are methods to​ try to​ improve rankings that are disapproved of​ by the​ search engines and/or involve deception. This can range from text that is​ "hidden" or​ links that direct users from a​ page that is​ built for search engines to​ one that is​ more human friendly.

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