SEO The Difference Between Black Hat And White Hat Seo

A discussion of​ black hat and white hat SEO is​ as​ pointless as​ a​ discussion of​ the​ difference between black and white witchcraft. in​ witchcraft,​ the​ minute a​ technique is​ used to​ control the​ outcome of​ a​ situation it​ is​ known as​ black magic. the​ same can be said of​ SEO. a​ technique used to​ manipulate the​ search engines is​ known as​ black hat SEO. the​ problem is​ that white hat SEO does precisely the​ same thing so it​ is​ not any less “dirty” than black hat in​ some ways

An SEO tactic,​ technique or​ method is​ considered "White hat" if​ it​ conforms to​ the​ search engines' guidelines and does not attempt to​ deceive it. White Hat SEO is​ not just about following guidelines,​ but is​ about ensuring that the​ content a​ search engine indexes and subsequently ranks is​ the​ same content a​ user will see.

White Hat advice is​ generally summed up as​ creating content for users,​ not for search engines,​ and then make that content easily accessible to​ their spiders. it​ is​ more about user friendliness and accessibility rather than about tilting the​ odds seriously in​ one’s favor.

Black hat" SEO employs more deceptive methods to​ try to​ improve rankings. the​ search engines usually disapprove these methods. This can range from text that is​ "hidden",​ either as​ text colored similar to​ the​ background or​ by redirecting users from a​ page that is​ built for search engines to​ one that is​ more human friendly. as​ a​ general rule,​ a​ method that sends a​ user to​ a​ page that was different to​ the​ page described in​ the​ search is​ called Black hat. Search engines can and do penalize sites they discover using black hat methods,​ either by reducing their rankings or​ eliminating their listings from their databases altogether. Such penalties can be applied either automatically by the​ search engines' algorithms,​ or​ by a​ manual review of​ a​ site.

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