SEO Design Tips

SEO Design Tips

SEO is​ not just about keyword density and link building,​ it​ also has a​ lot to​ do with design and back-end programming. if​ your website design is​ not spider-friendly,​ it​ won’t get crawled and,​ naturally,​ you​ won’t rank for your keywords.

So it​ goes that the​ key to​ successful ranking is​ to​ be mindful of​ your designing and programming. in​ general,​ easy navigation and “crawlable” content or​ content that can be crawled by search engines are the​ keys to​ a​ successful SEO design.

Set-Up And Design

Search engine spiders cannot crawl websites with dynamic URLs. a​ dynamic URL has any one of​ these characters in​ them: ? & % + = $ cgi-bin .cgi

If your website has dynamic URLs,​ try submitting to​ the​ search engines the​ non-dynamic URLs that point directly to​ the​ dynamic page. if​ not,​ consider creating static pages on​ static URLs.


Search engine spiders do not do a​ very good job of​ indexing websites with frames,​ in​ fact,​ they’re very bad at​ it. Redesign your website to​ a​ simple HTML if​ topping search engines is​ your priority.

The problematic thing about frames is​ that search engine spiders do not see
"crawlable" content when they search frames.

Flash in​ Your Design

Flash elements themselves are not problematic. They only become problematic if​ they are not used properly (the SEO way).

Designing splash pages is​ one of​ the​ biggest SEO mistakes,​ precisely because splash pages aremade up almost entirely of​ flash. if​ you​ need to​ use flash,​ insert as​ much keyword-optimized text as​ you​ can and write a​ title and meta information in​ the​ source code.

Image Maps and Java

Use standard HTML hyper links to​ interlink your website pages. Site maps too should be created in​ standard HTML. Search engine spiders often get stuck in​ image map codes. Search engine spiders also cannot follow links in​ JavaScript.

When designing your website,​ don’t even think about going around search engines by using black hat techniques like cloaking a​ keyword spammed page with a​ very nice copy for website visitors to​ see. Using black hat methods is​ just good for the​ short-term,​ and you​ can actually get removed from Google’s index of​ websites if​ you​ do. Besides,​ there are times when visitors can actually see the​ cloaked content (spam and more spam) - not a​ very pleasant experience at​ all for your visitors.

The popularity of​ the​ search engines has made website design a​ continuously juggling act between keyword density and aesthetics and of​ ranking well with the​ search engines whilst holding visitors’ attention. on​ some sites where a​ flash design is​ more appropriate,​ website owners strike a​ compromise by designing a​ pure HTML version of​ the​ Flash website.

The rule of​ thumb in​ designing,​ however,​ is​ to​ always keep your visitors in​ mind – the​ search engines come in​ only secondary. After all,​ if​ it​ is​ not SEO,​ there are other ways to​ promote your website – like email marketing campaign,​ viral marketing,​ and launching a​ Google Adwords campaign. you​ can also write blogs and PR articles that have active links to​ your website.

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