SEO A Customer Harvest

SEO A Customer Harvest

When a​ web user visits a​ search engine they will type in​ a​ search term they want to​ search and then wait for the​ results. What they wind up with are results that may include more than a​ million web pages each ranked according to​ the​ terms of​ the​ search engine.

If you​ are an​ online business can you​ reasonably expect a​ site searcher to​ wade through 50 pages of​ results to​ find your store? I think it​ is​ more reasonable to​ assume you​ have 3-5 pages at​ the​ most to​ catch potential customers.

If consumers don’t find what they are looking for by then their interest diminished or​ they will try their search using a​ new set of​ keywords.

It’s not enough to​ simply develop a​ new website and hope it​ catches on. you​ have to​ be proactive in​ getting your name out there. the​ best term for marketing to​ the​ Internet is​ Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While there are a​ wide variety of​ marketing possibilities online it​ really has to​ start with SEO strategies.

If you​ can’t catch the​ attention of​ the​ search engines it​ will be almost impossible to​ catch the​ attention of​ potential customers.


It is​ estimated that over 90% of​ new destinations determined by web users begins through the​ use of​ a​ search engine.

SEO strategies are to​ your website what the​ best word of​ mouth advertising is​ to​ a​ brick and mortar store. if​ you​ can place well in​ search engine rankings you​ have gained a​ benefit that surpasses virtually any other form of​ online marketing.

As with any marketing technique SEO requires planning,​ implementation and some patience while you​ wait to​ see how well your work has paid off.

Like a​ farmer planting a​ crop,​ you​ will not produce a​ harvest immediately. Every farmer knows you​ harvest later than you​ plant and you​ harvest more than you​ plant. This is​ an​ important concept for those online business owners who do not think that SEO is​ important to​ their online success.

If you​ were to​ pursue Pay Per Click Advertising or​ simple signature based advertising when you​ post to​ a​ forum or​ blog you​ may gain some visitors,​ but it​ will not garner the​ same ‘harvest’ as​ solid SEO strategies.

When you​ view SEO as​ an​ unnecessary step in​ site implementation you​ ultimately consign your website to​ an​ inflated advertising budget with no assurance that any online search engine user will be able to​ find you.

When you​ are looking to​ harvest customers explore the​ many facets of​ SEO.

SEO A Customer Harvest

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