SEO Copywriting Techniques That Show Results

SEO Copywriting Techniques That Show Results

People do usually say ‘Content is​ the​ king’.
But not content,​ actually unique content is​ the​ king. It’s only the​ unique content that attracts search engine crawlers. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps to​ increase the​ amount of​ visitors to​ a​ website by ranking high in​ the​ search engine results and an​ important part of​ this optimization depends on​ content. Content includes Title,​ Description,​ and Specific Keywords etc.

Keywords and links are two major things that affect the​ ranking of​ any website. Search Engines want only literal contents. Content on​ any web page speaks for you​ and your business so it​ should be completely relevant to​ your services or​ products launched by you. Don’t try to​ misguide your viewers because it’s a​ fact that content rich websites are often visited by users. Avoid copying contents and gain the​ confidence of​ your visitors.

Analyze the​ words that customers or​ viewers use when they search for any specific product. Keyword research tools can be used for this purpose. Write the​ content including that keywords but it​ should not sound like that you​ are overdoing it. For instance,​ every one will be frustrated from the​ following content-

“We are providing you​ the​ best chips. These are the​ best chips in​ the​ country. Do you​ like chips? if​ yes,​ then try our chips because these are the​ best chips ever and so on”.
Your concentration should be on​ keywords but not like the​ above said example.
Your key phrase must have the​ following characteristics:
• Should completely define your website theme.
• Should describe your product or​ service.
• It may also include name of​ your city,​ country in​ order to​ provide you​ uniqueness.

Try to​ write for your audience not for yourself. Avoid using words like ‘I think’,​ ‘In my views’,​ etc because your aim is​ to​ tell the​ people what they want to​ know from you. you​ will have to​ answer the​ queries by depending not on​ your own thinking but on​ what the​ reality is. Grab the​ attention of​ customers otherwise they just need a​ single click to​ go away from you.

Think before writing. Suppose you​ are selling some product. Find the​ answers of​ following questions by yourself-
1. What are the​ benefits of​ your product?
2. How it​ differs from other competitor products?
3. How can you​ persuade people to​ buy it?
4. How much of​ assurance can you​ provide?
Include those answers in​ content. There should be something new and informative. if​ someone thinks that he/she is​ not gaining anything,​ no one will bother to​ continue. Keep your language friendly,​ informal (not limitless) and slang free. Proof reading is​ also very necessary. Use spell checker to​ avoid spelling and grammatical errors.

As reading web content is​ completely different from reading a​ hard copy,​ so try to​ explain a​ single idea in​ a​ paragraph. Keep the​ description short and simple. you​ are writing for human beings also,​ not only for the​ search engines. Facts and figures must be accurate. to​ turn your first time visitors into potential customers,​ provide the​ people what they want.

SEO copywriting just needs the​ right keywords at​ right places. as​ a​ SEO copywriter,​ you​ will have to​ keep two things in​ mind-
1. Search Engine
2. Audience.

Write content in​ a​ way which will help you​ to​ get you​ a​ high ranking and also to​ satisfy your clients. Write creative,​ business oriented and keyword rich copy as​ you​ know Google,​ Yahoo,​ AltaVista; they all just love good and quality content.

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