SEO Copywriting For Results

In order for a​ website to​ have good results in​ the​ search engine results it​ needs to​ have a​ number of​ key elements.

The first element is​ copy,​ without much copy your website will never rank anywhere.

This is​ because search engines have programs called spiders which go out and scour the​ web – they read and index text.

The spiders cannot read pictures,​ flash or​ pretty designs. Many website owners or​ website designers are obsessed with creating sites that look good. Unfortunately,​ a​ great looking website with no visitors is​ worse than a​ bad looking website with lots of​ visitors.

As previously mentioned search engine spiders recognise certain text,​ this text is​ called “Keywords”.

Keywords are individual words or​ phrases that you​ would like your website to​ rank for.

Now everyone wants their website to​ rank for single words like: “Watches”. However,​ this is​ not suggested because single word phrases are too generic and competition is​ fierce for single word search terms.

So,​ apart from not being able to​ rank for the​ word,​ you​ won’t get the​ right type of​ customers ringing you.

Instead of​ people wanting to​ buy a​ cheap watch,​ you​ will get people ringing you​ wanting to​ buy a​ Rolex.

The best advice is​ to​ go after two or​ three word search terms that are specific to​ your business.

Now chose as​ many keywords as​ possible and spread them throughout your website text. I would suggest repeating your primary keyword phrase at​ least five times throughout your copy. the​ ideal number should be between ten and twenty times.

Your website should be content rich,​ you​ need it​ to​ have many pages with text that has your keywords spread throughout your website.

There is​ one last formula that you​ need to​ consider and that is​ keyword density.

This is​ how many times your keywords appear on​ a​ page.

For example: if​ you​ have 300 words on​ a​ page,​ and your keywords appear 50 times your keyword density of​ 15%. I would not suggest having a​ keyword density of​ more than 20%.

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