SEO Copywriting Finding A Happy Balance

SEO Copywriting Finding A Happy Balance

Perhaps the​ hardest type of​ copy to​ write is​ SEO copy. SEO is​ an​ acronym for search engine optimized content. This simply means that your article has been decorated with keywords that the​ search engines will include in​ their algorithms as​ they index your page.

Sadly a​ lot of​ SEO copywriting is​ not very charming for humans to​ read. That is​ because most people think that the​ key word has to​ be repeated again and again in​ order for the​ page to​ rise to​ the​ top of​ the​ search engines. in​ fact this SEO technique is​ called keyword stuffing and many search engines will now penalize you​ for it. Unfriendly garbled copy that is​ ridden with too many of​ the​ same words can make visitors to​ your site think you​ are illiterate as​ copy with too much SEO looks like a​ moron wrote it.

Remember that the​ goal of​ effective SEO writing is​ to​ not only to​ improve your searchability and search engine rankings but also to​ lure customers to​ your site. the​ last thing you​ want your carefully written SEO coy to​ do is​ turn your visitor off your web page because they are grossed out by your blatant attempts at​ marketing. However this is​ precisely what happens when people click on​ a​ site that is​ filled badly written SEO articles that are strewn the​ keywords. Even worse,​ this type of​ a​ hard sell is​ because it​ makes you​ look greedy and desperate for business.

The key is​ to​ find a​ happy balance between copywriting for people and copywriting for the​ search engines while creating your website content. This is​ a​ talent that not too many people have in​ which case you​ might have to​ hire a​ professional SEO writer to​ ease your path for you​ when it​ comes to​ content.

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