SEO Content Controversy

SEO Content Controversy

One of​ the​ ways search engines determine site ranking is​ to​ sort through your online content and rank the​ site based on​ repeated keywords or​ phrases. Content rich websites have found success in​ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. While I highly recommend this strategy there is​ another viewpoint that is​ less dependent on​ content for exposure for site rankings.

Some webmasters are strong proponents of​ non-content SEO strategies. These technical experts rely very heavily on​ meta-title and other html or​ code-based SEO strategies for sites that are less content oriented.

Purists on​ both sides of​ the​ argument will say their approach is​ far superior to​ the​ other. For the​ content sites they can judge their success through keyword strategies that are observable in​ long-term site rankings. For the​ non-content sites they can observe keywords or​ phrases being used to​ determine site rankings from a​ more technical source in​ behind-the-scenes code.

So,​ which is​ the​ better approach?


This really is​ a​ matter of​ being able to​ have your cake and eat it​ too. you​ can maximize SEO strategies in​ the​ coding on​ your site while infusing your website with knowledge based original content. the​ combination of​ these two strategies can work with greater efficiency than either strategy alone.

If you​ are ill equipped to​ manage coding then you​ should work tirelessly to​ incorporate knowledge based articles into your website.

The standard negative reply to​ this concept is​ when a​ business is​ primarily selling a​ product or​ service and do not feel original content really works with their online store.

If,​ for instance,​ your business sells blocks of​ gourmet cheese you​ could incorporate original articles on​ the​ various cheese offerings,​ their taste and texture and the​ history behind each cheese type. you​ could incorporate articles that provide recipes that include the​ cheese types you​ provide.

Hopefully you​ get the​ idea,​ by adding knowledge-based articles you​ can assist your site ranking,​ help your customer and minimize the​ need for coded SEO strategies until you​ learn how best to​ implement the​ non-content SEO.

There will always be a​ battle as​ to​ which SEO strategy is​ best,​ but I will go so far as​ to​ say the​ best strategy will be the​ one that includes both concepts to​ the​ best of​ the​ web owner’s capabilities.

While some want to​ make the​ issue an​ either/or decision it​ is​ really a​ both/and solution.

However you​ optimize your site,​ work to​ the​ best of​ your ability to​ implement strategies that work for you​ long-term. Too many strategies are short-term props that help you​ very little in​ the​ grand scheme of​ the​ life of​ your website.

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