SEO Consultant Pitfalls

SEO Consultant Pitfalls

You have decided to​ hire an​ SEO consultant to​ catapult your website pages to​ the​ top of​ the​ search engines. What should you​ look for and what should you​ avoid? How do you​ ensure you​ are hiring a​ reputable company and you​ are going to​ get your moneys worth? These are important questions that require answers before you​ hire anyone to​ represent you​ online as​ it​ is​ too important to​ leave to​ chance.

Search engine optimization,​ (SEO),​ is​ an​ art and there are definite tactics that work. the​ secret is​ finding a​ consultant that understands how search engines work and will utilize the​ appropriate steps to​ get you​ results. Through a​ campaign of​ keyword rich content,​ link building and even paid advertising any site can see their page rank improved. There are companies out there that use cheap shortcuts and the​ results are never as​ promised. as​ a​ matter of​ fact,​ they can get your pages banned on​ the​ major search engines which can hurt your business. the​ most important first step is​ a​ visit to​ the​ Better Business Bureau,​ whether over the​ telephone or​ online. There is​ also an​ online service called that will provide you​ with information regarding reputable consultants and companies. Take the​ time to​ research your consultant before you​ make an​ agreement.

It makes sense to​ search for an​ SEO consultant through the​ search engines. if​ they are as​ good as​ they say they are,​ their page rank should be high. This is​ should not be the​ deciding factor as​ to​ their success rate but take it​ into consideration.

Unfortunately,​ there are SEO consultants who use dirty tricks that may offer short term success but the​ search engines are getting better and better at​ catching them. They can and will ban your page for life if​ you​ are caught cheating the​ system. Google for instance will scan your pages and they like 2% keyword saturation that makes sense on​ the​ page. if​ you​ just wrote a​ keyword over and over with no context,​ you​ may see a​ temporary rise in​ page rank but then before you​ know it​ you​ are banned.

You can go to​ to​ search for the​ links the​ consultant has employed to​ link back to​ their sites. if​ they are using links that are from unrelated industries,​ that is​ yet another red flag. a​ comprehensive link building campaign is​ not effective if​ the​ links have no relevance. if​ you​ are a​ car salesman wanting to​ improve your page rank,​ including links on​ a​ skin care website may fool the​ search engines for a​ short time but is​ not a​ long term effective strategy. Arming yourself with all the​ information to​ make an​ informed decision can save you​ a​ lot of​ wasted time and money. Remember you​ should not be afraid to​ ask any consultant you​ are interviewing about the​ tactics they employ. you​ should be able to​ judge how they feel about the​ dirty trick campaigns. They are competing against these people only they are playing fair so they will know all about your concerns and empathize.

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