SEO Clickbank And SEO Content

SEO Clickbank And SEO Content

Clickbank is​ a​ system that works really well for authors and also SEO marketers. This is​ because within its system is​ a​ multi-tiered marketing system that gets affiliate marketers selling your book for you. if​ you​ have a​ good product you​ will suddenly find all sorts of​ professional marketers promoting your book like mad as​ well as​ web masters putting the​ link to​ your book on​ their site. the​ key is​ to​ base the​ book on​ a​ popular trend in​ the​ first place.

It costs fifty dollars to​ register five titles with Clickbank. you​ must have two .com web pages – one to​ serve as​ an​ introductory page to​ the​ product and another that serves as​ a​ Thank you​ Page to​ confirm your client has paid for the​ product.

The idea is​ that people click on​ one of​ your affiliate’s link and they are led to​ the​ Clickbank site. They are then referred to​ your web page describing the​ product. if​ they like it​ they can press a​ Buy Now button that leads them to​ Clickbank’s payment processing system. Clickbank takes its cut of​ your affiliate’s profits and deposits the​ remainder in​ your account.

If you​ are not good with maintaining your website then Clickbank is​ not for you. you​ also have to​ be on​ top of​ emails requesting the​ book so that your customers get it​ right away. if​ your product is​ late more than twenty-four hours Clickbank can suspend your account. of​ course to​ avoid this problem entirely you​ can get a​ website that automatically delivers electronic informational products directly to​ your clients.

Another good thing about Clickbank is​ that you​ are the​ one that decides what your affiliates get for selling your book. For instance if​ your ebook is​ $24.00 you​ would still get $12.00 per book if​ it​ really took off.

Clickbank only pays by checks that are mailed out so that they reach you​ on​ the​ fifteenth of​ every month. This can be a​ drawback if​ you​ are not American,​ as​ you​ have to​ wait quite a​ bit of​ time for their checks to​ clear.

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