SEO Choosing And Testing Keywords

SEO Choosing And Testing Keywords

Part of​ writing and testing keywords is​ to​ keep careful track of​ your results. Keeping documents of​ how much traffic using certain words can help you​ track results. as​ those in​ the​ business of​ SEO optimization have discovered keywords and keyword phrases that seemed to​ work yesterday may not work today. Keeping track of​ your keywords simply by noting those that bring you​ profits and those that don’t are ways of​ figuring out what makes money for you​ and what doesn’t.

One of​ the​ most popular ways to​ choose keywords is​ to​ do so through hit results. One good place to​ look at​ keywords is​ the​ overture keyword engine inventory. All you​ need to​ do is​ put in​ a​ few phrases or​ words that apply to​ your business or​ service and then assess them by popularity.

Another great place for looking up keywords is​ a​ site named Word Tracker. They have a​ database of​ over 40 million results that is​ updated every 2 hours. if​ you​ enter a​ phrase or​ a​ word you​ can see how many people are actually searching for that keyword. you​ have to​ pay to​ use word tracker but there is​ a​ sliding scale. it​ costs about eight bucks U.S. to​ use it​ for 24 hours. a​ yearly membership is​ $274 U.S.

When looking at​ these keywords keep in​ mind that you​ are never looking for keywords that are too popular or​ that are too well used. This is​ because these keywords are too general and will bring untargeted traffic to​ your site. Untargeted traffic is​ traffic that is​ looking for someone else but ends up on​ your site anyway. They are like tenants that don’t pay rent because all they do is​ use up your bandwidth. Remember that the​ most specific and targeted keywords are never the​ ones that are the​ most popular.

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