SEO Choose The Right Keywords

SEO Choose The Right Keywords

Choosing keywords is​ one of​ the​ most important tasks when it​ comes to​ SEO; it​ falls only behind link building on​ a​ scale of​ importance.

You need to​ think very carefully about what keyword phrases and word choices people would use when looking to​ buy your product or​ service.

Knowing what keywords people are using for searches is​ fundamental to​ your sites success.

Firstly,​ you​ need to​ construct a​ big list of​ words that relates in​ anyway to​ your product or​ service,​ these keywords or​ phrases need to​ cover every aspect of​ your business or​ products that are related to​ your business.

I would also suggest choosing keywords that are also related to​ your keyword phrases.

Therefore,​ one step away from being directly related to​ your business,​ this will help catch a​ bit more traffic.

Put yourself in​ your customers shoes – What search phrases would you​ type in​ if​ you​ were looking for your service.

Think about your business as​ an​ outside that knows nothing about your business or​ industry.

The next step is​ to​ judge how valuable and competitive the​ search terms are. the​ higher the​ numbers the​ harder is​ going to​ be to​ rank for a​ particular search phrase.

You can do this with a​ variety of​ tools free and paid for. They include: Wordtracker,​ Keyword Discovery Google Adwords and the​ Overture tool. I would suggest using the​ overture tool and choosing phrases that have between 3000 – 10000 searches per month,​ any more searches and it’s going to​ take a​ long time to​ rank and any less and you​ won’t get enough traffic.

Now narrow down your list to​ about 70 keyword phrases and scatter them across your websites content. Choose three or​ four of​ the​ most competitive keyword phrases and have them on​ your home page copy. Repeat your “Top Three” keyword phrases at​ least ten times on​ your home page.

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