SEO Can Be Rocket Science

SEO Can Be Rocket Science

Over the​ past week,​ there has been a​ lot of​ discussion about the​ “SEO is/isn’t rocket science” debate. Although this issue has been around for years,​ the​ spark that brought it​ back to​ life can be traced back to​ the​ Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo in​ Chicago. During the​ Search Engines Strategies Conference in​ Chicago,​ which took place from December 4th through the​ 6th,​ Jason Calcanis (the cofounder of​ Weblogs Inc) completely wrote search engine optimization off as​ a​ complete waste of​ money and resources. His philosophy is​ that if​ you​ build a​ clean page and great content,​ the​ traffic and rankings will follow naturally.

This statement caused quite a​ stir among not only the​ audience (which was primarily made up of​ a​ bunch of​ SEOs) but also the​ search engine optimization community as​ a​ whole. Angry blog posts were flying up left and right,​ and there was not a​ lack of​ great discussion on​ both sides of​ the​ issue.

At the​ beginning of​ January,​ Shoemoney made the​ statement on​ his radio show and blog that ninety-five percent of​ search engine optimization is​ “super simple” and the​ other five percent is​ what really matters in​ the​ world of​ SEO.

After all this various discussion,​ Todd Friesen (aka Oilman) decided to​ write an​ excellent blog post to​ address all of​ these various issues. Although he does not update his blog very often,​ the​ posts he does write are always well thought out. This particular post helped to​ give the​ SEO community some perspective on​ this issue. Even though ninety-five percent of​ search engine optimization may be extremely easy for someone who does it​ on​ a​ daily basis,​ it​ is​ still a​ complete mystery to​ ninety-nine percent of​ the​ population. the​ purpose of​ his post can be summed up by the​ idea that instead of​ spending time arguing within the​ SEO community,​ we need to​ realize that there is​ an​ entire world full of​ people who probably don’t even know what the​ term SEO means.

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