SEO Brainstorming On What You Sell

SEO Brainstorming On What You Sell

Brainstorming is​ simply a​ way to​ help you​ come up with an​ idea for what to​ sell on​ a​ website. it​ is​ also a​ valuable skill when it​ comes to​ helping you​ decide what keywords should be the​ focus of​ your SEO copywriting including the​ all important first lines of​ your pages as​ well the​ in​ context and out of​ context titles.

To brainstorm simply develop the​ habit of​ asking and answering the​ following questions whenever you​ feel stuck:

- What exactly is​ my product or​ service?

- Who exactly is​ my customer?

- Why does my customer buy my product or​ service?

- What is​ it​ my customer considers to​ be valuable about my product or​ service?

- What would I expect if​ I wanted to​ buy this product or​ service?

- What is​ it​ that makes my product or​ service superior to​ that of​ my competitors?

- Why,​ as​ a​ prospective customer,​ would I personally NOT buy my own product or​ service?

- Why does my prospective customer buy my competitor's products or​ services?

- What value does she or​ she perceive in​ buying from my competitor instead?

- How can I change that perception and get my competitor's customers to​ buy from me?

- What one thing must my customer is​ convinced of​ to​ buy from me,​ rather than from someone else?

Once you've asked and answered these questions,​ your next stage of​ planning is​ to​ decide on​ a​ plan of​ action that helps address the​ situations created by these questions as​ the​ answers will no doubt influence everything from the​ money you​ invest,​ advertising costs,​ marketing,​ distribution and SEO copy on​ your web site. Remember having a​ firm concept of​ what you​ want to​ sell in​ the​ first place is​ crucial to​ your success as​ an​ entrepreneur in​ the​ first place. Just having some common sense counts for a​ lot.

SEO Brainstorming On What You Sell

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