SEO Best Practice Befriend The Directories

SEO Best Practice Befriend The Directories

Why Directories Are Important

Directories should play a​ major role in​ your SEO efforts,​ well,​ at​ least the​ big and important ones,​ for the​ following reasons:

- Listings within major directories provide "context" to​ search engines. For example,​ if​ your web site is​ listed in​ the​ Open Directory Project under the​ category Pets -> Weird Pets -> Blue Cats,​ search engines will assume your web site has something to​ do with blue cats. Your web site and pages will be indexed faster and might have a​ better ranking in​ search results for specific terms (in this case,​ “blue cats”).

- Major directories (such as​ Yahoo! Directory,​ ODP,​ Jayde etc.) have high page ranks and as​ long as​ you​ obtain a​ non-reciprocal listing from them,​ paid or​ unpaid,​ your page rank will benefit greatly.

- Major directories are often replicated by other web sites (think of​ ODP,​ with hundreds of​ copies) which means that a​ listing somewhere in​ such a​ major directory will cause listings in​ all replica sites,​ contributing towards your link popularity efforts and boosting page ranks.

- the​ ODP (Open Directory Project) feeds results to​ Google,​ AOL,​ AltaVista,​ Lycos,​ Netscape - once again,​ a​ presence in​ ODP can get you​ quite far.

Submitting to​ Directories

As with most good things in​ life,​ you​ need to​ make efforts to​ get into quality directories. Although detailed instructions on​ how to​ submit your web sites are always provided by the​ directories,​ there are certain aspects to​ consider before you​ start hunting for directories and submit your web sites:

- Start with Yahoo! Directory and the​ Open Directory Project: being listed in​ the​ two of​ them is​ worth more than being listed in​ all other directories together! you​ will find soon enough that,​ unfortunately,​ being listed in​ these two is​ the​ hardest thing to​ do: Yahoo requires a​ $299 annual fee for regular web sites (only non-commercial sites qualify for a​ free listing) and $600 for adult sites,​ while ODP is​ free but you​ need a​ LOT of​ luck to​ make your way into it. ODP is​ so large yet is​ strictly human edited,​ which means the​ waiting time for a​ listing can extend to​ even years! Make your duty as​ a​ SEO worker and submit your web site,​ but don't get your hopes too high,​ unfortunately.

- Religiously follow the​ submission guidelines provided by directories: read them as​ many times as​ you​ need to​ make sure you​ will not upset its editors by submitting your site the​ wrong way,​ with inaccuracies,​ the​ wrong description style,​ or​ to​ the​ wrong category.

- Try to​ find niche directories if​ your web site's content is​ suitable for that. For example,​ if​ your web site covers Marketing topics,​ focus your efforts into finding a​ Marketing-only directory (such as​ and submit your site there: search engines love links from sites relevant to​ yours!

- you​ will probably come across many directories with paid inclusions: use your common sense to​ appreciate if​ it’s worth it​ or​ not. a​ good criteria is​ to​ check their Google Page Rank: if​ it’s at​ least 3 levels higher than your site's Page Rank,​ it's probably worth spending the​ money for the​ inclusion fee. However,​ do look for directories with a​ flat,​ one-time fee rather than recurring monthly or​ annual fees: you'll end up spending less money!

In the​ end,​ remember a​ simple rule: if​ it's too easy to​ get into a​ directory,​ it's probably not worth the​ effort to​ get into it​ in​ the​ first case.

SEO Best Practice Befriend The Directories

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