SEO Banner Ads Must Be Visually Irresistible

Nobody clicks on​ a​ banner that is​ not visually appealing. Nobody clicks on​ a​ banner that is​ on​ a​ page that it​ does not seem to​ relate to​ either. For instance a​ banner selling dog food might look kind of​ weird on​ a​ page that sells fake diamonds. the​ intelligent and humanly intuitive placement of​ a​ banner on​ a​ web page is​ what is​ needed to​ give it​ the​ best chance of​ receiving some clicks.

The most stunning banner ads are usually the​ hand made ones. Anyone with computer knowledge can learn how to​ make a​ very basic banner ad. to​ code the​ banner,​ simply combine the​ HTML tag for a​ link with the​ HTML tag for an​ image. you​ can create the​ necessary graphics using a​ simple computer art program,​ like Paint Shop Pro. Keep in​ mind that you​ don’t need to​ animate this banner. in​ fact the​ less animation the​ better or​ the​ search engine spider may read the​ banner as​ a​ frame containing blank space which is​ poor SEO.

Basis banner ads are so easy to​ make you​ can make sores of​ them for your site in​ less than an​ hour. Do-it-yourself banner ad sites work really well for most people,​ but if​ you​ like you​ can also hire a​ professional ad designer. you​ can get a​ professional banner ad for $50 on​ a​ place like or​ or​ you​ can spend upwards of​ $1,​000 depending on​ what kind of​ designer you​ hire to​ work with.

Still it​ seems silly to​ hire someone when it​ is​ possible to​ get good results for free. There are hundreds of​ Web sites that offer tools for free banner ad creation. These automated sites provide you​ with all the​ mechanisms that you​ need to​ make your own banner ad,​ such as​ backgrounds and fonts. Some of​ these sites will simply generate a​ banner for you. Some require that you​ do a​ banner exchange with them in​ return for using their services.

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