SEO Article Writing And The Search For The Google Grail

You want more potential customers to​ your website. you​ want more back links to​ your website. you​ want better position in​ the​ natural search engine results. you​ want your products or​ services to​ become better know and your brand name to​ be recognized. All of​ these things are possible with a​ little work and the​ right knowledge. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques fill countless books being sold on​ the​ Internet and there are hundreds of​ companies and individuals who make a​ living selling their expertise in​ this area.

The SEO experts will tell you​ about on-page optimization,​ meta tags,​ keyword density and internal link structure. They will also tell you​ about off-page optimization,​ back links,​ relevant links,​ reciprocal links,​ high PR links. All of​ this information is​ important and should be addressed in​ your overall SEO endeavors. you​ want to​ cover all the​ bases in​ your goal to​ reach the​ front page of​ search results in​ the​ big 3 search engines (Google,​ Yahoo and MSN) for your most important keywords.

But of​ all the​ techniques used for SEO,​ the​ most important today,​ are the​ back links or​ incoming links you​ have to​ your website. Your SEO endeavors will succeed or​ fail depending on​ how many other sites on​ the​ internet link back to​ your site. So how do you​ get other sites to​ link to​ your site? Write articles!

Now let's talk about writing articles to​ increase the​ incoming links to​ your site. While this method is​ still not widely known or​ used by the​ vast majority of​ website owners,​ it​ is​ one of​ the​ best ways to​ increase the​ incoming links to​ your site. First,​ it's free! if​ you​ can write even a​ little,​ you​ can produce an​ article that will increase your links and make your products,​ services or​ website more visible on​ the​ web. you​ don't want to​ write a​ sales letter. you​ want to​ write an​ article that is​ somehow related to​ what you​ sell or​ the​ service you​ offer. you​ should write an​ article that shares your knowledge in​ a​ particular area and provides valuable information to​ your reader.

If you​ can't write a​ lick or​ would rather spend your time doing other things,​ there are many places on​ the​ Internet where you​ can hire a​ writer to​ do the​ job for you. One of​ the​ better sites out there is​,​ but there are many other sites you​ can chose from. You'll be surprised at​ how inexpensively you​ can have an​ article written for you. the​ going rate seems to​ be $10 to​ $20 an​ article. of​ course you'll have to​ chose your writer carefully. Get some examples of​ the​ work they have done for others and pay close attention to​ the​ ratings they have from past customers. Make sure they understand you​ are looking for a​ ghost writer and that the​ articles must be original work. Also make sure it​ is​ understood that you​ will have exclusive rights to​ the​ article and they may not use this article for another client. After you​ have selected a​ writer to​ write your article,​ you​ must convey the​ subject and the​ kind of​ article you​ want him or​ her to​ write. Be as​ specific as​ possible to​ get the​ best results. the​ writer should also be willing to​ make changes if​ the​ first draft isn't exactly what you​ wanted. This is​ pretty standard but worth mentioning before the​ writing begins. Payment is​ usually made when the​ job is​ finished and you​ are satisfied with the​ results.

Ok,​ now you​ have an​ article or​ 10,​ what do you​ do with them? you​ submit your articles to​ Article Directories. There are hundreds of​ Article Directories on​ the​ Internet. They provide a​ service to​ writers and publishers. For article writers they will list your articles for free and provide a​ bio box at​ the​ bottom of​ the​ article where you​ can promote your product,​ service or​ website with links back to​ your site. These articles are then syndicated to​ publishers of​ blogs,​ ezines,​ newsletters and websites who are looking for content. Each time a​ publisher picks up your article they must agree to​ publish it​ with the​ bio box and the​ links back to​ your site. Over time,​ one well written article can bring you​ hundreds of​ back links to​ your site. This is​ a​ viral method of​ site promotion. Your article will spread like a​ virus over the​ Internet,​ giving you​ name and brand recognition and those most important incoming links.

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