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Most experts in​ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will recommend the​ use of​ knowledge-based articles as​ a​ key component to​ your site’s overall health and search engine visibility.

Applicable articles are solid SEO performers because they increase site rankings while providing your potential customers with the​ information they need to​ make an​ informed choice regarding your product or​ service.

Another solid performer for SEO is​ inbound links to​ your website. For instance if​ there are 100 websites that link to​ your website this indicates your site has something worth visiting. if​ you​ have thousands of​ links it​ will register a​ greater level of​ trust in​ your site.

Inbound links coupled with knowledge-based content is​ the​ premise of​ various ‘Article Exchange’ programs. in​ essence,​ you​ supply original article content to​ a​ similar or​ complimentary site. in​ turn,​ they provide original article content for your site. in​ the​ tag line or​ bio section of​ the​ article a​ keyword or​ key phrase is​ used that is​ directly related to​ your site. the​ article you​ supply will also contain a​ link that directs the​ reader to​ your site.

In a​ best-case scenario you​ will provide content that will be used by another site while allowing the​ search engines to​ discover the​ inbound link connection. in​ turn,​ they will rank your site higher while you​ also stand to​ receive increased site exposure from individuals who read the​ article on​ other sites and click on​ the​ article’s link.

This premise is​ very similar to​ using a​ free article site to​ spread your expert articles,​ but relies on​ your own marketing skills to​ intentionally visit complimentary sites and invite the​ owner to​ consider an​ article exchange. This strategy allows you​ to​ be fairly selective about who can use your material and whose material you​ will use. the​ end result is​ you​ assist another website while increasing the​ visibility of​ your own. it​ may be one of​ the​ few times you​ may actually want to​ share what you​ have with someone else.

Linking strategies have proven successful and an​ article exchange may provide one of​ the​ best solutions to​ simply exchanging links. the​ knowledge-based content provides the​ greatest form of​ exchange. the​ article provided should be helpful and on-target. if​ it’s not,​ the​ reader will not even get to​ the​ link before leaving the​ site. you​ have a​ vested interest in​ making sure the​ article you​ provide is​ well written and informative.

If you​ have a​ webmaster who locates content writers for you​ he/she might be best able to​ locate other sites that may have a​ willingness to​ provide an​ article exchange to​ maximize your expanding SEO strategies.

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