SEO The Art Of Balance

SEO The Art Of Balance

One of​ the​ most lauded dreams for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is​ to​ have the​ coveted top spot in​ a​ search engine for a​ particular keyword or​ phrase. the​ belief is​ that if​ you​ work hard enough at​ SEO techniques you​ can get the​ number one spot and your financial future is​ set.

The thing that isn’t always taken into consideration is​ that a​ sight can be perfectly optimized. That same site can achieve the​ number one position for a​ particular keyword or​ phrase and still be a​ site consumers do not like to​ visit.

It is​ possible to​ visit a​ variety of​ sites that rank # 1 for a​ particular keyword or​ phrase and discover one of​ two things,​ 1) the​ sight doesn’t really have much to​ do with the​ keyword or,​ 2) the​ site is​ not well organized or​ is​ hard to​ navigate. in​ both cases the​ back button will be used quickly and the​ consumer will continue their search with a​ mental note of​ which site to​ avoid in​ the​ future.

You don’t have to​ be number one to​ gain significant site traffic.

If you​ work to​ ensure your site is​ keyword rich and the​ site is​ easy to​ navigate you​ may be surprised how well your site actually performs with those whose opinion matters the​ most – actual customers.

Sometimes you​ can work so hard to​ improve site rankings you​ miss the​ growing successes that come with solid SEO techniques that are an​ equally important extension of​ search engine site rankings.

"Life is​ like riding a​ bicycle. to​ keep your balance you​ must keep moving." – Albert Einstein

You actually can be happy (if not satisfied) with a​ decent site ranking if​ you​ also have a​ highly efficient website.

This is​ really a​ lesson in​ a​ balanced approach to​ SEO results. if​ all you​ concentrate on​ is​ ultimate site ranking and you​ ‘stuff’ your articles with keywords and phrases that seem out of​ place you​ might get to​ the​ number one position and find your site has a​ significant ‘turn off’ factor for potential customers.

You could also be on​ the​ other extreme where you​ have a​ beautifully designed and functional site,​ but it​ is​ not maximized in​ SEO strategies. in​ this scenario you​ may have the​ world’s most perfect site,​ but no one will know about what you​ have to​ offer.

Perhaps the​ balanced approach would be to​ tastefully utilize keywords and phrases that will assist you​ in​ improved site rankings and then make sure your site has something definitive to​ offer site visitors when they do ultimately come your direction.

SEO The Art Of Balance

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