SEO Are Gateway Or Doorway Pages Necessary

SEO Are Gateway Or Doorway Pages Necessary

As a​ general rule,​ most sites do not need to​ be enhanced with gateway or​ doorway pages. This is​ because a​ good web site will naturally contain content that uses relevant keyword phrases that potential customers will relate to. This is​ the​ same language that will be typed into a​ search engine box. to​ put it​ quite succinctly,​ if​ you​ have quality content on​ there already you​ don’t need any extra pages submitted by an​ SEO professional or​ different content submitted to​ several search engines to​ “cover your bases.”

Usually the​ matter of​ gateway or​ doorway pages comes up for a​ webmaster that has a​ site that is​ overly visual. Web masters that are too cheap or​ too lazy to​ hire or​ write their content also run into this problem. the​ answer to​ the​ dilemma of​ not having enough content on​ a​ site is​ to​ add more content,​ not hire someone to​ add additional pages from another source to​ point to​ your site. Also optimizing your site yourself is​ often cheaper than hiring an​ SEO professional to​ enhance your site with doorway or​ gateway pages for you. the​ bottom line here is​ that adding quality home grown readable content to​ your site is​ the​ best way to​ increase your search engine popularity and maintain high rankings. Adding doorway and gateway pages is​ very hit and miss.

Another thing that most people who get doorway or​ gateway pages done for them don’t realize is​ how badly they read. as​ they are written mostly to​ attract the​ search engines they are outrageously badly written. the​ search engines might like them but should a​ person land on​ one of​ these pages they are usually so offended by the​ greed and hard sell that all the​ repetitive and boring keywords represent on​ the​ page that the​ actually make the​ decision not to​ visit your site!

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SEO Are Gateway Or Doorway Pages Necessary

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