SEO And Your Targeted Market

SEO is​ a​ continuing process and one that should not be ignored. as​ you​ know,​ or​ will soon realize,​ is​ that the​ search engines are the​ main entry point at​ which your customers will find your website. But there are other issues you​ must be aware of​ to​ get the​ targeted customers that you​ want.

You may have optimized your webpages and people are coming -- but not many. Why? it​ could be the​ keywords you​ are choosing.

Choosing the​ right keywords take time and effort,​ and it​ is​ an​ important factor to​ consider. When choosing keywords you​ should be asking yourself -

1.) What are the​ exact words people are using to​ find the​ product or​ service that you​ are offering. For example: is​ it​ refurbished tools,​ cheap tools,​ free tools,​ red,​ ugly tools -- you​ get my meaning.

2.) Are my keywords too general,​ or​ overused. if​ the​ keywords are too general,​ you​ may receive visitors that are not buyers,​ just browsers. if​ the​ keywords are overused,​ you​ may be so far down in​ the​ search engine rankings that your site will never be seen.

3.) Do you​ have your keywords or​ keyword phases in​ your "Title Tag". Your keywords in​ the​ Title Page should be relevant to​ what your web copy relates too. if​ it​ doesn't,​ you've just wasted an​ important keyword tool that the​ Search Engines utilize.

4. Meta Keywords Tag -- Some people use the​ meta keywords Tag and others say that the​ search engines no longer use them. And still others,​ claim that it​ gives their competition an​ unfair advantage. I personally will continue to​ use them,​ because I don't believe all the​ search engines ignore this tag.

Finding the​ correct keywords is​ no easy task. However,​ did you​ think of​ asking the​ people around you​ what keywords or​ phases they would use to​ get to​ one of​ your web pages. you​ might be surprised -- it​ may not have been a​ keyword or​ phase that you​ even considered.

Even though a​ keyword may be popular to​ the​ masses,​ you​ also must consider if​ it​ is​ targeting your specific market. Why? you​ may begin to​ get the​ traffic,​ but not the​ specific target market that will buy your products. And that is​ the​ bottom line,​ not so much the​ popularity of​ the​ word,​ as​ the​ quality of​ the​ traffic that the​ keyword brings.

And if​ the​ keyword is​ popular,​ you​ may find your web page competing with established websites -- which translates into poor positioning. Thus,​ you​ could consider other smaller niche words,​ and still get the​ ranking you​ seek.

You will have to​ experiment with the​ keywords that you​ use on​ your webpage/website,​ to​ determine if​ the​ keywords you​ are using is​ giving you​ the​ sales you​ want.

I have found testing,​ evaluating and re-evaluating is​ the​ name of​ the​ game of​ SEO. if​ you​ keep that in​ mind,​ you​ will begin to​ see the​ results you​ want.

However,​ once you​ are in​ the​ top ten of​ the​ search engines,​ do not think your job is​ done. you​ must continue to​ monitor -- because the​ Internet is​ not a​ static environment -- and people can come online that can slide your web page or​ website down the​ line in​ the​ search engines.

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