SEO And Why Some Customers Stay Away In Droves

SEO And Why Some Customers Stay Away In Droves

It’s two in​ the​ morning. Your family has all been in​ bed for a​ few hours. This isn’t the​ first night you’ve been up late. You’re devouring articles,​ perusing forums,​ reading blogs and scanning ebooks.

The subject of​ choice is​ Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your monitor blinks in​ the​ early morning hours of​ a​ new day – one you​ greeted while everyone else slept. Someone half a​ world away sends an​ instant message answering yet another question you​ consider dumb.

Your online business has only been marginal in​ performance and your goals for your business have fallen short of​ expectations. in​ your sleep-deprived state you​ feel like either giving up or​ perhaps volunteering to​ be the​ poster child for problem online businesses.

You believe your business is​ solid in​ its plan and that the​ products you​ sell are quality and desirable,​ yet somehow you​ keep returning to​ the​ feeling of​ potential failure as​ you​ wonder why you​ just can’t seem to​ break that elusive barrier that opens up new opportunities for success.

When you​ developed your business you​ were careful to​ plan your website and worked to​ infuse creativity in​ the​ graphic design of​ the​ website. By everyone’s admission yours is​ an​ attractive site,​ yet the​ ‘Internet connected’ stay away in​ droves.

The truth is​ they aren’t staying away in​ droves they may simply be unaware that you​ exist. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains one of​ the​ single most important steps that an​ online business can take and yet it​ is​ also one of​ the​ single most commonly ignored steps.

SEO encompasses a​ variety of​ disciplines,​ but each is​ designed to​ get the​ attention of​ search engines. the​ reason this is​ important is​ that without the​ free assistance of​ search engines very few individuals will ever find your website without a​ personal invitation.

Without using SEO you​ are left with few options for drawing potential customers. Arguably the​ top two are email marketing and Pay Per Click (PPC)/Banner advertising.

Either of​ these methods can help,​ but they also are a​ drain on​ your available finances. SEO works to​ laser focus your message through the​ use of​ keyword or​ phrase search terms that can help set your site apart and improve your site ranking.

Most Internet users will conduct multiple online searches when they use the​ computer. Many consumers will begin with a​ search to​ find a​ product they desire. if​ your wonderfully creative site is​ not listed in​ the​ first few pages in​ a​ search engine chances are pretty strong that the​ consumer (who may have happily spent their money with your online store) will simply choose a​ different site.

So,​ you​ sit in​ the​ dark and read just one more article on​ SEO and you​ begin to​ understand that you​ can produce content and descriptions that are uniform in​ purpose and phrasing,​ assisting you​ in​ catching the​ attention of​ search engines.

You will sleep soon,​ but for a​ moment you​ close your glazed eyes and imagine the​ possibilities of​ purpose in​ your online store and you​ have some idea on​ how to​ finally achieve the​ goals that have been elusive for far too long.

SEO And Why Some Customers Stay Away In Droves

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