SEO And Usability

SEO And Usability

Usability is​ a​ key term that you,​ as​ a​ search engine optimizer,​ will be hearing more of​ lately. in​ essence it​ means the​ ability of​ an​ entity to​ complete a​ function once it​ is​ started. How does this apply to​ SEO? Essentially if​ you​ brag that your site promises “SEO guru help” and individuals who log in​ there don’t see any help at​ all but only affiliate links to​ other sites with gurus then Google and the​ other big engines may not see your site as​ having usability. the​ more technology progresses it​ seems the​ more that marketing types will now be obligated to​ fulfill the​ promises that they make with their keywords.

Google,​ the​ pioneer when it​ comes to​ developing the​ search engine page ranking algorithms that other search engines use,​ has now switched its focus to​ looking at​ how people find information and what they do when they access a​ document found in​ the​ Google index. Google now has ways of​ determining how long people look at​ your web pages,​ if​ they like to​ explore your links to​ both your archives and outside sites and the​ relevance of​ your documents to​ any keywords that you​ have submitted. Google also measures the​ amount of​ times your website is​ put into "My Favorites" in​ Internet Explorer. the​ more people that put your website into their favorites,​ the​ more Google will like your website and thus in​ turn push it​ up the​ Search Engine Results.

Yet another component of​ usability is​ your website’s functionality. if​ it​ does not work,​ Google and other big sites simply may not bother to​ list it. as​ the​ search engine spiders are constantly crawling millions of​ sites it​ could take years for a​ spider to​ crawl your site for a​ second time so you​ need to​ get it​ right before you​ make your website live!

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