SEO And Title Tags

SEO And Title Tags

While most search engines do not use Meta Tags as​ a​ means of​ determining placement in​ their overall rankings of​ similar websites the​ proper use of​ Title Tags should take some careful thought. For those interested in​ your product or​ service the​ title tag is​ often the​ first impression a​ consumer has about your website.

A title tag is​ generally only 80 characters or​ less in​ length. Usually the​ title tag is​ approached by website owners as​ an​ after thought. By optimizing your title tag you​ have the​ opportunity to​ appeal directly to​ the​ consumer. Consider your title tag a​ mini advertisement directed to​ millions of​ web users.

In the​ html language of​ each web page is​ a​ section that reads Title Tag information here

You will find this html section within the​ tags that read and Html language may be foreign to​ you,​ but you​ can use the​ services of​ a​ good webmaster and insist they work with you​ to​ optimize the​ pages on​ your site to​ assist you​ in​ rankings,​ consistency and for maximum customer and ranking impact.

What should Title Tags include?

Title tags should always include at​ least two keywords or​ phrases,​ but don't go overboard. if​ your title is​ stuffed with keywords it​ can actually have a​ negative impact on​ your ranking due to​ the​ fact that many sites may consider this a​ spamming technique.

It is​ possible to​ make your title tag longer than 80 characters,​ however if​ you​ do make sure the​ most important information comes first. Search engines will place a​ limit on​ how much title information they display with their search results so it​ is​ possible some of​ your title information could be omitted.

It may seem a​ daunting task,​ but by placing a​ title tag on​ every page in​ your website you​ have a​ very simple,​ but often overlooked way of​ impacting the​ very people you​ want to​ visit your website - consumers.

Interestingly it​ is​ the​ title tag that many search engines look to​ first when considering site rankings and it​ often the​ most overlooked part of​ many SEO online marketing strategies.

By overlooking title tags in​ SEO you​ are essentially doing the​ same things as​ businesses who have a​ phone number in​ the​ phone book and believe that's enough to​ draw customers. Title tags provide a​ means of​ free advertising in​ search engines. When you​ couple that with the​ importance search engines places on​ title tags it​ just makes sense to​ optimize your title tags.

SEO And Title Tags

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