SEO And The Six Figure Income Myth

SEO And The Six Figure Income Myth

There are a​ lot of​ Internet gurus out there that are telling people they can make a​ six-figure income by using SEO techniques or​ by selling information on​ the​ Internet. This type of​ lie is​ usually marketed to​ you​ buy the​ old fogie type gurus in​ who mainly make a​ six-figure income is​ by selling how-to books about copywriting to​ people who don’t know a​ thing about it.

The truth is​ that you​ can be self sufficient as​ a​ writer working on​ the​ Internet and unless you​ are also a​ very successful and skilled multi-level-marketer you​ probably won’t make a​ six figure income. a​ four-figure income is​ realistic and a​ five-figure income is​ possible. SEO is​ not some kind of​ magic bullet that can make you​ rich overnight. Once you​ apply search engine optimization techniques to​ your content it​ is​ safer to​ say that you​ might be able to​ make a​ living at​ it​ within two years.

There are people who do make a​ lot of​ money on​ the​ Internet but they usually run huge writing factories out in​ India who pay their writers pennies for writing full articles. They are outsourcers who outsource a​ second time to​ get bulk writing work done cheap. These companies also have SEO software. These companies can take any piece of​ writing,​ put it​ through software and automatically change it​ so that it​ is​ different from the​ original. Sometimes these companies give the​ articles a​ brief rewrite to​ make it​ 30% different from the​ original and then just use a​ Replace and Change type function (like in​ Microsoft Word) to​ add keywords.

Very few marketing gurus make big bucks unless they are marketing a​ book or​ software with television ads. the​ irony is​ that most of​ these guru books about SEO recommend writing your own SEO book in​ order to​ make a​ million or​ else get involved in​ some kind affiliate marketing pyramid scheme.

SEO And The Six Figure Income Myth

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