SEO And SEM Common Terms

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is​ the​ process of​ scientifically tweaking a​ particular website’s pages in​ order to​ get a​ good rank from major search engines for a​ competitive keyword or​ group of​ keywords.

SEM = Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is​ one effective example Internet Marketing that involves search engine optimization. This involves planning and executing right methods to​ target and get quality traffic to​ a​ particular website and convert this traffic into sales or​ signups.

SEO Specialist = Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Previously called Search Engine Optimizers (SEO) but revised to​ SEO Specialist to​ give way and prohibit confusion with search engine optimization as​ SEO. This term is​ use to​ describe a​ professional practitioner performing effective search engine optimization procedures.

SEM Specialist = Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Term used to​ describe a​ professional that analyzes a​ certain website and recommend a​ particular procedure to​ perform in​ order to​ get the​ desired traffic and sales.

White Hat Procedure

Search Engine Optimization procedure that comply with search engines rules. Also know as​ ethical procedure.

Black Hat Procedure

Search Engine Optimization procedure that did not comply with search engine rules. Widely used by many SEO specialist to​ get a​ good rank in​ a​ shorter period of​ time. Effective but very dangerous procedure that may cause a​ certain website removed from major search engine’s database.

Web Directory

Online List of​ websites categorized by type,​ niche country and others depending to​ the​ owner. it​ was mainly used by search engine optimization specialist in​ creating inbound link to​ their websites. New directories are commonly accepting free submissions while others require a​ reciprocal link in​ exchange for the​ submission. DMOZ is​ one example of​ web directory. This is​ the​ most popular and considered as​ the​ biggest web directory of​ links in​ the​ internet today. I is​ currently composed of​ thousands of​ volunteer editors and millions of​ web links in​ its database.

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