SEO And Reciprocal Links

SEO And Reciprocal Links

Links to​ your site from other sites should improve your link popularity that should result in​ additional traffic. to​ put it​ simply,​ the​ more links point to​ your site the​ better. Search engines consider the​ number of​ incoming links to​ your website ("link popularity") a​ crucial factor in​ ranking.

Quality is​ more important than quantity. if​ you​ get links from sites that are completely unrelated to​ your industry,​ you​ may gain nothing. Links from authority sites are infinitely more valuable than links from FFA (Free For All) link farms. Note: FFA sites list hundreds or​ thousands of​ links within their pages indiscriminately. FFAs don’t care about whom and what they link to,​ and links from them are worthless.

Find complementary websites from within your own industry,​ and ask for a​ link. the​ best way to​ contact another site for a​ reciprocal links is​ by e-mail. Be sure to​ link to​ the​ other site before you​ send your e-mail. it​ is​ more likely that your link will be reciprocated if​ you​ link first. if​ they decide not to​ link back to​ you,​ you​ just remove the​ link from your site.

Don’t hide your links page,​ but don’t advertise it​ either. Make sure there is​ a​ link to​ it​ from your homepage. Develop an​ out-of-the way resources page where you​ link to​ other sites,​ so you​ don't send people out the​ back door as​ fast as​ you​ bring them in​ the​ front door.

Contact as​ many sites as​ you​ can. Set a​ goal for yourself,​ and stick with it. Contacting one hundred sites per week is​ a​ good start. Even if​ only a​ few percent will link back to​ you​ will improve your link popularity. Your best results should be from sites that receive a​ similar amount of​ traffic to​ your website. High-traffic well-established sites are less likely to​ link back to​ you,​ but you​ should contact them anyway.

Many sites have ”link to​ us” instructions for linking details. a​ quick way to​ find related sites that may be open to​ linking to​ your site is​ to​ perform a​ search with your keywords + link to​ us. For example,​ if​ you​ have a​ print shop and you​ want links from other print shops,​ you​ could use the​ following search string “print shop link to​ us.”

There are several software programs on​ the​ market that may help you​ with your linking efforts,​ but none of​ them will automate the​ process for you. the​ best linking system is​ a​ manual system. the​ most effective method to​ build links is​ the​ through the​ “old fashioned way,​” which is​ hard work.

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