SEO And Meta Tags No More Foolin

When an​ online marketer is​ designing and setting up web pages they may use a​ Meta information to​ allow search engines to​ gain an​ understanding of​ what their website or​ web page is​ designed to​ do for visitors.

Once upon a​ time in​ the​ land of​ Cyber it​ was believed that a​ Meta Tag could be the​ silver bullet that allowed you​ to​ gain high rankings in​ search engines. the​ fairy tale has gone away,​ but the​ Meta Tag Fable remains.

What is​ a​ Meta Tag?

A Meta Tag is​ invisible to​ your visitors,​ but along with other Meta information may be useful to​ search engines to​ derive a​ brief description of​ your website. This information is​ what you​ will find if​ you​ do a​ search of​ your own website through a​ popular search engine. the​ Meta tag is​ added through the​ use of​ html language.

In a​ time not so far removed a​ Meta Tag was often loaded with keywords or​ phrases associated with your website. These jam-packed Meta Tags would allow for a​ meteoric rise in​ the​ search engines,​ however the​ mechanism for ranking search engines began to​ alter when search engines discovered that the​ Meta Tag didn’t provide the​ most pristine picture of​ the​ sites they were ranking.

The companies operating search engines saw that the​ Meta Tag was being abused so they began to​ develop sophisticated new ways to​ rank websites that did not rely on​ Meta Tags.

It is​ possible that you​ could find marketing data that indicates an​ approach that includes keyword stuffing on​ Meta Tags,​ please understand this is​ either based on​ outdated information or​ the​ person writing the​ article hasn’t really researched their subject very well. the​ last search engine to​ use Meta Tags was Alta Vista and they ceased using this ranking method in​ 2002.

Search engines do use Meta Title information,​ but do not use Meta Tags for search engine rankings. Goggle has never used Meta Tags.

Meta information can still be useful for your website,​ but using Meta Tags is​ now something that is​ ignored and vilified in​ less than polite company.

The growth of​ Search Engine Optimized (SEO) articles is​ a​ healthy direction because is​ helps provide legitimacy to​ your website and it​ also provides a​ positive reputation online. This reputation is​ now a​ part of​ many search engine rankings.

A reputable online marketing consultant can provide content rich ideas that will enhance the​ long-term performance of​ your website.

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