SEO And Magnet Content

SEO And Magnet Content

Whenever you​ post any information to​ the​ net you​ are in​ effect acting as​ a​ publisher. Your goal as​ a​ publisher is​ to​ build a​ site that is​ interesting enough for people to​ want to​ visit again and again. a​ great site is​ like a​ book that people don’t want to​ put down. Keep in​ mind too that whatever appears on​ your site,​ whether it​ be a​ bunch of​ robotically written keyword paragraphs or​ revelatory well written articles about your product is​ going to​ represent you​ and your branding in​ the​ future. Ultimately you​ can think of​ your website as​ an​ entity that represents you.

Your first job as​ a​ publisher,​ however is​ to​ make your site as​ smooth and functional as​ possible by giving it​ functionality,​ usability and a​ shopping cart and payment processing system that works. . Your site has to​ have the​ equivalent of​ a​ table of​ contents,​ pages as​ well as​ resources and appendixes. There must be an​ about the​ author section which in​ essence is​ about you​ as​ well as​ a​ way of​ contacting you. And finally the​ site also has to​ have "magnet" content,​ which is​ one of​ the​ buzzwords used to​ describe content that keeps bringing people back to​ your site.

Magnet content serves two purposes. it​ is​ not only contained within the​ site,​ but it​ can also be used to​ be sent out via article submission tools,​ newsletters and ebooks to​ keep your audience's focus on​ your URL and not your competitor's. it​ is​ called magnet content because like a​ magnet it​ draws customers to​ your site. it​ is​ up to​ you​ as​ an​ imaginative and knowledgeable publisher to​ decide exactly what content it​ is​ that will keep your visitors coming back again and again. it​ could be new and fresh imagination or​ it​ could be solid step-by-step advice that is​ helpful. Either way,​ magnet content is​ a​ crucial part of​ good white hat SEO as​ it​ is​ not deceptive to​ either readers or​ to​ search engine spiders.

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