SEO And Googles Website Optimizer

If you​ were to​ come across a​ website that said,​ “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) made easy,​” you’d probably move along pretty quickly or​ you​ might stick around wondering if​ this statement is​ an​ oxymoron. SEO never seems easy and if​ it​ does you’re probably not doing it​ right.

But what if​ the​ website making the​ wild claim was the​ search engine giant “Google”?

This is​ the​ company that provides certain algorithms to​ help place new and existing site pages into their search engines. Why would they want to​ help you​ rank more highly? Why would they want to​ pass along trade secrets?

Well,​ Google can offer a​ support plan to​ help you​ and,​ as​ you​ might expect,​ that does carry a​ fee,​ but you​ can put the​ product through a​ free test and see how it​ could potentially make your website more profitable. This tool helps you​ connect with both search engines and your customers by allowing you​ to​ see what combination of​ information is​ most appealing to​ consumers. This bit of​ research can help you​ make ideas for improvement before you​ ever submit new content to​ your site.

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Google has become the​ gold standard for SEO and being able to​ tap into the​ Google potential for best SEO results may make sense to​ many website owners. of​ course there are some that may not care about SEO,​ but that’s fodder for a​ different article.

Fully testing a​ website has been time consuming and has often required second-guessing on​ the​ part of​ the​ business owner. the​ Google web tool is​ touted as​ being able to​ reduce testing time and provide significant data to​ help you​ find the​ right marketing thrust for your ecommerce website.

Admittedly it​ can seem a​ bit uncanny that Google has been able to​ establish so many elements to​ assist web users and site owners,​ but they have also been very open in​ working with other partners to​ establish something bigger than they could on​ their own. Perhaps it​ is​ this open door policy that has allowed such phenomenal growth.

The truth is​ Google now owns a​ major broadcasting automation software program and that is​ allowing them to​ take their AdWords program and apply it​ to​ national radio broadcast advertising. Google continues to​ think outside the​ box and,​ generally speaking,​ most people benefit from their innovations.

In many of​ my other articles I have helped explain what Google and other search engines are looking for when they determine site rankings. the​ tool I mentioned above gives you​ a​ first hand glimpse at​ how close you​ came to​ meeting their objectives and how you​ might better be able to​ serve your customers and improve your online site’s ranking by making some minor adjustments.

I suppose this might even seem a​ bit like insider information,​ but in​ this case Google welcomes business owners to​ learn for themselves what they need to​ do to​ catch their attention and convert an​ ecommerce site visitor to​ a​ paying customer.

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