SEO And The Gem Dealer

Some people have a​ hard time understanding the​ concept of​ Search Engine Optimization (SEO). the​ notion of​ developing a​ website based on​ principles that involve certain words seems confusing and perhaps even a​ bit like hocus-pocus.

In its most simple form SEO is​ something like the​ brightest thread in​ a​ tapestry or​ the​ point leader in​ a​ basketball game. This method is​ something like finding your favorite sports drink in​ a​ store filled with similar bottles.

The use of​ Search Engine Optimization provides an​ intense level of​ satisfaction for search engines that have been looking specifically for the​ best use of​ virtually every keyword or​ phrase imaginable.

Let me suggest one more analogy related to​ this principle. Imagine a​ diamond buyer looking for the​ best overall selection of​ diamonds. This buyer investigates every possible seller in​ the​ world and makes the​ determination to​ buy from a​ seller that has proven they have the​ greatest number of​ gems to​ choose from.

When you​ approach website design you​ absolutely must have at​ least a​ primary understanding of​ SEO principles. This method is​ reminiscent of​ that diamond dealer and his search for the​ seller with the​ most diamonds. Your consistent use of​ the​ keyword or​ phrase you​ have chosen is​ like a​ growing collection of​ diamonds that search engines are looking for.

Search engines are on​ a​ never-ending search for the​ best sites. When they get to​ your online business site they subject it​ to​ complete scrutiny. They will scan every word searching for that common thread,​ highest scorer or​ sports drink. How does your site stack up against other sites that have also selected the​ keyword or​ phrase you​ are using?

There are a​ few things you​ should pay attention to​ when you​ develop your keyword-enriched site.

The Things to​ Do

Make sure you​ research keywords or​ phrases that may provide the​ best response from search engines.

Make sure you​ develop your website with the​ chosen keyword used in​ every section of​ the​ site. This includes sections such as​ “About Us” as​ well as​ the​ knowledge-based content you​ will provide.

Make sure to​ add new content on​ a​ regular basis. Search engines pay attention to​ sites that are consistently updated.

The Things to​ Avoid

Make sure you​ do not stuff your site with the​ chose keyword or​ phrase. a​ percentage of​ 5% or​ less is​ about right. When you​ stuff your content with too many keywords it​ can be awkward to​ read and usually raises a​ red flag for search engines.

Make sure you​ do not fill portions of​ each page with invisible keywords. This is​ something that has been done primarily in​ the​ past to​ get a​ higher ranking,​ but virtually all of​ these sites have been caught and penalized for bad online behavior.

Make sure you​ do not treat the​ impact of​ SEO with contempt or​ disregard. This concept can have the​ greatest impact on​ future site-based traffic.

Search engines want to​ find your site and they want to​ reward you​ with improved site rankings,​ but they need your cooperation in​ helping them find your site so they can let others know you​ exist.

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