SEO And Blogging

SEO and blogging can be used together to​ provide you​ with an​ almost unbeatable combination,​ not only for free advertising,​ but also to​ make money.

If the​ objective of​ your website or​ your blog is​ to​ provide information,​ or​ to​ operate a​ website on​ a​ non profit-making basis,​ then both search engine optimization and blogging can work together to​ improve your current traffic level. if​ your aim is​ to​ make money,​ either for a​ bit extra to​ pay the​ credit cards each month or​ as​ your main or​ sole means of​ income,​ you​ can use a​ blog and a​ properly designed website to​ improve your traffic flow.

So let’s cut to​ the​ chase as​ they say,​ or​ hang out the​ baby and see what drips off,​ or​ put out the​ mat and see what it​ collects from your feet! How can people be serious about these things at​ so-called serious business meetings? Beats me! Anyhow,​ lets open the​ refrigerator and see what’s fresh.


First SEO. if​ your website looks good to​ the​ search engines then it​ will have a​ good chance of​ being listed. But let’s be realistic: the​ best is​ Google,​ so keep Google sweet and the​ rest will follow. Design each web page,​ including your home page,​ round one keyword or​ keyphrase. Don’t try to​ optimize any page for more that one keyword or​ you​ will fail.

Forget the​ Meta tags. Put them in​ if​ you​ have the​ time,​ but not for the​ quick way. Put your page title in​ …. tags and include your page keyword in​ it. it​ must not be only your keyword,​ but that should be part of​ it. For example,​ if​ your keyword is​ ‘Using Blogs’ the​ your title could be:
Using Blogs and SEO to​ make Money’

That’s a​ good sized title,​ and a​ good way to​ use the​ keyword ‘using blogs’ for your page. Now,​ the​ first heading or​ headline should be ‘Using Blogs’ Just that,​ and put it​ in​ H1 html tags. Don’t worry about the​ purity of​ your html because Google doesn’t give a​ toss as​ long it​ can understand your H1 tags and Title.

If you​ have any graphics,​ even a​ payment graphic such as​ the​ one that Clickbank provides,​ add an​ alt relation to​ it: ”using. This reinforces the​ information to​ the​ spider that the​ theme of​ the​ page is​ ‘using blogs’.

Use your keyword in​ the​ first 100 characters of​ your body html,​ for example,​ title:

“Using Blogs”

“Using blogs in​ combination with good webpage SEO has been proved time and again an​ extremely effective technique in​ the​ science of​ making money. the​ secret is​ to​ understand the​ needs of​ bloggers and of​ search engine users,​ and how to​ combine the​ two into a​ single money-generating machine that you​ can design to​ work on​ autopilot while you​ work on​ your next money-spinning project.”

Look at​ that again: I have used the​ keyword in​ the​ heading,​ and all the​ words in​ the​ Page title in​ the​ first 100 characters. the​ keyword is​ used immediately and the​ rest of​ the​ title also in​ the​ first sentence. if​ you​ also use the​ keyword once more in​ the​ last paragraph the​ crawlers will love it​ and you​ will have a​ head start on​ your competitors.

You could then continue on​ the​ theme of​ blogs,​ and have another section on​ the​ same page with the​ heading: “Using Blogs and SEO” contained within H2 tags that expands on​ the​ theme of​ blogs and SEO while introducing the​ concept of​ using blogs and web pages together to​ their mutual benefit.


That is​ all you​ need do on​ each page,​ but do it​ on​ EVERY page that should be optimized for every different keyword that you​ have identified as​ being worth while to​ use on​ your website. However,​ there is​ one more thing you​ must do and that is​ to​ design your internal linking strategy to​ your best advantage. it​ should allow your visitors to​ easily navigate between pages,​ and also reach pages that they want to​ see such as​ your Privacy Policy and Contact details.

However,​ it​ is​ more that that. it​ is​ also a​ means of​ leading the​ search engine spider to​ dance your dance,​ and not Google’s Dance,​ as​ it​ were. Lead the​ spider to​ the​ pages you​ want it​ to​ see when you​ want it​ to​ see them,​ and bar it​ from seeing those it​ doesn’t have to​ see. you​ can allow humans to​ see pages that you​ have barred from spiders. Simply place a​ big ‘Humans Only’ sign above each door,​ and spider cannot get in.


Your blogs should be updated to​ show every change you​ make to​ your website,​ but be optimized for different keywords to​ those your website is​ using. I have tested blogs with and without the​ same keywords and my web pages,​ and they generally work best when not competing.

For some reason that I cannot apply logic to,​ I get better results from my website when linked to​ blogs that have different keywords,​ that the​ same. However,​ that’s unimportant. What is​ important is​ that,​ unlike article directories,​ the​ articles in​ your blogs can advertise as​ many websites or​ products as​ you​ want. That is​ one of​ their major benefits when used in​ conjunction with websites. you​ can use one to​ advertise the​ other without fear of​ losing anything because they both belong to​ you. you​ cannot have a​ net loss with links between two of​ your own sites.

If you​ ping your blog to​ every web2 site that you​ are registered with then you​ can get a​ lot more traffic than if​ you​ had only used SEO for your free traffic. Blogs,​ too,​ are free,​ so use them.


If you​ use easy SEO and worry only about the​ elements I have mentioned above,​ you​ will have a​ great chance of​ your webpage home page being listed high on​ Google and the​ other search engines. if​ you​ use your blogs to​ advertise your site,​ not only to​ other bloggers but also to​ the​ many social bookmarking and Web2 sites that you​ can join,​ then you​ can achieve success in​ much less time than you​ might have imagined.

If you​ are not willing to​ put the​ blogging and Web2 work in,​ then you​ will not be so successful,​ and do not deserve to​ be.

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