SEO Anchor Text And Headings

SEO Anchor Text And Headings

There has been a​ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that has been largely ignored. it​ may even be considered a​ minor element in​ the​ scheme of​ SEO techniques.

Most if​ us have visited websites with anchor text (hyper links) to​ third-party sites with more information. in​ the​ world of​ HTML you​ can hide the​ website address and include descriptive words to​ assist visitors in​ making a​ determination about the​ value of​ visiting the​ anchor text link.

In many cases you​ will find the​ common strategy that is​ used has no SEO function.


To find out more CLICK HERE.

In this scenario the​ link is​ on​ the​ words “CLICK HERE”. While this might make sense to​ the​ reader it​ does absolutely nothing for search engines that are interested in​ the​ keywords associated with the​ anchor text link.


IMPORTED MOTHBALLS are making a​ comeback.

The reason this is​ better is​ that most Internet users understand that colored or​ underlined text is​ an​ anchor text link. While this is​ important to​ note,​ a​ better reason would be that search engines now have the​ capability of​ indexing the​ key phrase IMPORTED MOTHBALLS.

The use of​ search engine friendly anchor text statements can be important to​ the​ overall site ranking for your specific business site. This strategy is​ just one of​ many that can help you​ make the​ greatest impact when marketing your site through SEO Strategies.

One more tip that might help you​ place more prominently in​ the​ site rankings has to​ do with headings and subheadings on​ your web pages.

Many search engines pay particular attention to​ the​ headings on​ the​ web page. you​ can find creative ways to​ incorporate primary keywords or​ phrases in​ the​ first three headings on​ a​ page. These are the​ headings search engines will evaluate for search engine rankings.

For the​ visitor you​ can make the​ site easier to​ scan using bullet points and headings. Many online visitors will not read every single word you​ place on​ your website,​ but they will look for visual clues as​ to​ how relevant the​ information might be.

For search engines headings will be key locations for evaluation. in​ this case what is​ good for the​ site visitor is​ also good for the​ search engine.

By taking the​ time to​ incorporate what may seem like small steps you​ may end up with improved site rankings. By making these tips a​ habit you​ can move on​ to​ other SEO strategies that can further help you​ make the​ most significant impact on​ the​ web.

SEO Anchor Text And Headings

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