SEO Adding Hidden Text Hurts Your SEO

If you​ are relatively new to​ the​ business of​ SEO you​ may not be aware that an​ ancient piece of​ advice called “adding hidden text” or​ “camouflaging keywords” not only does not work when it​ comes to​ raising your page rankings in​ the​ search engines but it​ can also get your pages penalized for good.

The reason you​ might be privy to​ this bad advice is​ because it​ is​ only recently that the​ search engine spiders have started penalizing people’s sites for the​ technique so it​ is​ still an​ essential part of​ many Internet guru text books that are sold on​ the​ Internet. the​ idea was to​ use visual design and color to​ trick the​ human eye into not seeing a​ page loaded with keywords but to​ make it​ seem to​ the​ search engines that you​ are loaded with keywords. For instance if​ the​ background of​ your web page is​ bright blue then you​ would put your normal non optimized language in​ blue and then optimize the​ site with keywords by adding text in​ the​ same blue as​ the​ background. Your human readers would be unable to​ see this text but the​ search engine spiders would see the​ entire text and boost your rankings as​ a​ result. Google and other big search engine spiders have not put an​ end to​ this.

The weird consequence of​ all of​ this is​ that the​ spider engine algorithms have now been programmed to​ penalize sites that do this but unfortunately the​ consequence is​ sometimes to​ penalize a​ site that has the​ same color type and same color page in​ it. to​ avoid potential problems with this type of​ design (and of​ course accidentally getting yourself blacklisted) never put your text in​ the​ same range of​ hues as​ your background text. in​ fact,​ the​ optimum page colors when it​ comes to​ search engine optimization are always probably going to​ be plain old boring black text on​ white.

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