SEO About Web Conversion

SEO About Web Conversion

A discussion of​ the​ term web conversion and what it​ means in​ terms of​ its relationship to​ search engine optimization techniques and pay-per-click.

Web conversion is​ the​ ultimate goal of​ all pay per click search engine programs. Basically all the​ term means is​ the​ ratio of​ sales to​ the​ visitors on​ your site. Visitors who actually buy once sent to​ your site are the​ “converts.” So for example,​ if​ you​ get 100 unique visitors to​ your website and make 3 sales,​ your conversion rate is​ 3 / 100 or​ 1%. if​ you​ master the​ fine art of​ pay per click management you​ could increase that conversion rate at​ least ten times. That would mean that three out of​ every ten people that visit your site would make a​ purchase.

The idea that you​ need lots of​ traffic to​ make sales is​ bogus. Increasing your web conversion ratio is​ one hundred times more important than getting traffic. Here is​ another example. you​ can make a​ lot more by charging a​ lot for a​ single product and attracting fewer visitors then you​ probably can by charging a​ minimal amount for a​ service and trying to​ attract a​ larger number of​ paying customer. This is​ because when it​ comes to​ pay per click you​ need to​ keep your costs of​ acquiring each customer down.

Your goal as​ a​ money making machine is​ to​ ad add even more carefully crafted search engine optimized ads to​ your pay per click campaign with the​ idea of​ bringing you​ one hundreds or​ more unique visitors a​ week. With some sites this can garner them thousands more in​ income a​ week. However before you​ do this always remember to​ factor in​ the​ costs of​ your keywords into the​ over all cost of​ your pay per click campaign. Remember that each time there is​ a​ click on​ your ad that does not result in​ a​ sale that your credit card will be charged or​ you​ will end up having paid for “hits” in​ your pay per click account deleted. This is​ a​ legitimate business expense that must always be configured into your final profit. Ignoring them as​ an​ expense (just because each click only costs a​ few cents or​ less) can be costly and a​ big business mistake!

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