SEO 101 The Advantages Of Article Spinning

SEO 101: the​ Advantages Of Article Spinning
A lot of​ people make a​ living by writing articles on​ the​ internet,​ and there are a​ lot of​ sites and portals where a​ writers’ article is​ published and displayed .​
For experienced writers,​ the​ art of​ article spinning is​ a​ must-have attribute .​
Article spinning is​ the​ method of​ taking one article and creating several different unique version of​ it​ through the​ use of​ special tags .​
Search engines regard each version of​ a​ submitted article as​ a​ unique article,​ and when submitted to​ article directories,​ it​ is​ imperative to​ have unique articles so that they are each indexed .​
The term article cloning,​ which is​ also called or​ referred to​ as​ article spinning,​ or​ article rewriting,​ is​ a​ unique way of​ taking an​ original article and changing it​ so that it​ seems like a​ new article .​
This method or​ process is​ not really a​ bad thing if​ it​ is​ done by the​ original author or​ a​ public domain article rewritten manually,​ but could become muddled if​ done using an​ article cloning program .​
Currently,​ there are several article cloning programs available,​ and according to​ article spinning analysts,​ they pretty much do the​ same thing,​ which is​ turn a​ good article into a​ bad one .​
However,​ some programs do work properly and effectively .​
So exactly just what does an​ article cloner or​ spinner do? .​
Most cloners or​ spinners have options to​ replace certain words with comparable words that may,​ or​ may not mean the​ same thing,​ add blocks of​ text at​ the​ beginning,​ middle and end of​ existing articles and move blocks of​ text around .​
Article spinners may indicate that the​ replacement word list for the​ specific software used was not as​ good or​ effective as​ theirs .​
However,​ most professional spinners would note that it​ would not matter which version of​ cloning software you​ use,​ it’s how you​ do the​ writing or​ spinning yourself .​
According to​ experts,​ nearly all words have many different meanings and can mean different things in​ whatever context they are used .​
Computers just aren't smart enough to​ know which meaning of​ the​ word or​ context the​ author is​ using it​ in,​ and because of​ this,​ the​ articles becomes mostly muddled or​ lack direction.
Observers also add that after cloning the​ article you​ are left with two choices,​ either to​ submit it​ as​ it​ is,​ or​ go thru the​ article and fix everything .​
Neither is​ a​ good idea if​ you​ consider that by cloning,​ then fixing the​ article,​ you've wasted more time than if​ you​ had simply written a​ new article .​
However,​ with the​ entry of​ new computer programs,​ articles can be spun effectively,​ spooled,​ or​ re-written automatically using good software .​
But if​ you​ create a​ well-written article to​ begin with,​ and then use the​ software correctly as​ a​ guide or​ reference,​ the​ software can re-write it​ into hundreds or​ even thousands of​ unique,​ high quality pieces that you​ would be confident enough to​ put your name on​ .​
And additionally,​ they will be more than unique enough to​ avoid the​ duplicate content filters that abound.
If a​ writer wants to​ be successful,​ he or​ she should be able to​ get his or​ her well-written article onto hundreds or​ even thousands of​ other websites .​
To be profitable in​ writing articles for the​ internet,​ one needs to​ create uniquely written articles for each website,​ and get paid good sums for it.

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