Sending Traffic To Your List Building Page Part 5 SEO 1 2 3

Sending Traffic To Your List Building Page Part 5 SEO 1 2 3

This last article in​ our series is​ going to​ briefly touch on​ a​ subject that makes most Internet Marketers quake in​ their boots. Either that,​ or​ they just don't give a​ hoot. Me? I was one of​ the​ latter. I didn't really think SEO (search engine optimization) mattered,​ but over the​ past several months,​ we've been working it​ and let me tell you... it​ matters. if​ you​ want significant targeted web site traffic,​ then you​ need to​ understand these three basic principles,​ which we'll talk about today.

Once you​ have these things down,​ you'll probably see that SEO isn't really that hard. of​ course,​ the​ SEO masters study this stuff rigorously because things just keep changing. Plus,​ what they advise us to​ do is​ pure guesswork. Only the​ search engines know exactly what their algorithms are. We just know that their goal is​ to​ provide relevant,​ unique results for every term searched.

So,​ we do some of​ the​ work before the​ search engine spiders show up. We organize our squeeze page properly and make it​ easy for spiders to​ see. We use appropriate keywords,​ and we never,​ ever spam. What's that mean? Well,​ some people put too many keywords into their copy or​ others may use invisible text that only the​ spiders can see,​ but there are many ways to​ spam and none of​ the​ search engines like it. it​ could get your pages banned from Google,​ and you​ definitely don't want that!

We need to​ discuss the​ right way to​ do things.

Your title tag is​ the​ most important tag on​ your page. Nothing else is​ quite as​ important,​ so study it​ wisely. It's not serving you​ at​ all if​ it​ reads "Home" or​ "Index." Go to​ and do some research on​ the​ words you​ should use.

If you​ have a​ store that sells action figures,​ you​ might think that "toys" is​ a​ good keyword,​ but when you​ go to​ and plug in​ the​ word "toys,​" you​ find that 69,​662 people searched for the​ word in​ March 2018. That's a​ lot of​ toys! the​ term is​ just too competitive. Look for lesser-searched words. "Star War Action Figure" was searched by 1,​305 people,​ while "Wrestling Action Figure" was searched for 2,​064 times. Those terms aren't as​ competitive,​ but they still get searches. Those are the​ terms you​ should use. Right?

Your title tag would look like this: Wrestling Action Figures,​ Star War Action Figure,​ the​ 300 Action Figures the​ term with the​ highest number of​ searches should be first.

The page description is​ another very important factor when considering SEO. it​ should use the​ keywords,​ just as​ your title did,​ but keep your words in​ title case (only important words are capitalized),​ like this: "Wresting,​ Star Wars,​ and the​ 300 action figures special report,​" or​ whatever you're doing on​ your list building page. Get your keywords into the​ description early. the​ greater their prominence the​ more weight search engines will give them. Don't go overboard,​ just give a​ short descriptive title. Search engine spiders are the​ only ones who will see it,​ anyway.

Finally,​ be aware of​ your keyword density on​ the​ squeeze page. it​ used to​ be that a​ high density of​ 3% to​ 7% was what search engines were looking for. So,​ people went about stuffing their pages with keywords to​ the​ puzzlement of​ their readers. Google figured that out. Now,​ if​ you​ have a​ density of​ more than 2%,​ it​ won't help you. That's about all you​ can get into a​ page without making it​ hard to​ read. And it's best to​ optimize for Google. Then,​ the​ other search engines will follow.

You want to​ get into the​ first 30 results that comes up for any of​ your chosen keywords. That's considered to​ be acceptable. However,​ the​ first page is​ always better,​ with the​ top spot on​ that page being the​ best! Try changing your pages in​ these three areas and see if​ you​ don't find a​ difference in​ your Alexa ranking and your page rank with Google. Then,​ watch your traffic grow and build over time. Otherwise,​ you're really missing out on​ targeted web site traffic for your list building page,​ opt-ins,​ and sales! Who wants that?

Sending Traffic To Your List Building Page Part 5 SEO 1 2 3

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