Self Defence 5 Protect Yourself And Your Dog

Self Defence 5 Protect Yourself And Your Dog

We read so much about pet owners being attacked,​ raped and murdered when walking their dog in​ the​ park or​ wherever..

Now,​ rightly or​ wrongly,​ I consider my first duty is​ to​ Tyson,​ my dog.

1. I make sure his collar is​ such that I can slide it​ off in​ an​ instant,​ freeing him and making it​ difficult for (my) attacker,​ mugger or​ would-be rapist to​ catch hold and hurt him.

2. He is​ trained to​ “Bark” on​ command,​ to​ draw attention if​ we are trouble. the​ last thing an​ attacker wants is​ publicity: so the​ more noise the​ better. Every time I walk him,​ I train him with (small) dog biscuits to​ bark instantly and loudly. He doesn't need to​ bite,​ just bark. I don’t want him stabbed.

Being very world-untrusting,​ I always have some means of​ protecting him [and myself!] in​ the​ event of​ being under threat.

3. Firstly,​ his lead has a​ fairly heavy clasp,​ such that it​ can be slashed through an​ attacker’s face or​ eye. at​ the​ first sign of​ danger release your dog and wrap the​ lead around your hand with the​ clasp hanging down for about 30 inches just behind your buttock. as​ he closes,​ slash the​ clasp through his face,​ and slash back again most rapidly and violently,​ causing him some inconvenience! This is​ somewhat similar to​ the​ martial art manrikigusari-jutsu,​ using a​ chain in​ self defence.

4. But personally I always have a​ second effective weapon with me – a​ six inch long dog’s chew tucked in​ my belt. the​ martial arts system yawara-jutsu uses a​ short stick to​ stab into eyes,​ mouth,​ hand or​ wherever. This hard chew makes for an​ excellent yawara-stick. Most effective and – perfectly legal! you​ cannot be accused (by the​ would-be rapist) that you​ used a​ martial arts weapon to​ beat him up! [Although you​ actually have!]

5. But above all - Be Aware! Don’t be where Danger might be! Always carry that long strong dog chew!


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