Self Cert Loans Financing For The Self Employed

Self Cert Loans Financing For The Self Employed

Self Cert Loans - Financing For the​ Self Employed
Being self employed has many perks,​ however,​ securing a​ loan can be difficult .​
Lenders see a​ self employed person as​ a​ risk .​
That is​ because they do not have a​ guaranteed paycheck and their income often varies so much that it​ is​ hard to​ pinpoint exactly what their average income is.
Lenders use a​ persons average income to​ determine how much they can lend them or​ even if​ they can lend them anything .​
Additionally,​ the​ documentation of​ self employment income is​ often self kept records that can not be justly verified .​
All is​ not lost,​ though,​ as​ there are options for self employed loans.
As mentioned lenders will look at​ many factors to​ determine is​ a​ person is​ eligible for a​ loan .​
They need a​ certified record of​ income .​
Usually this would be pay stubs,​ but with a​ self employed person there are no pay stubs to​ use as​ a​ certified record .​
Instead the​ bank will want to​ see the​ accounting for the​ business or​ past years tax returns.
Another big factor with self employed loans is​ if​ they are secured or​ unsecured .​
Since self employed people are considered high risk a​ secured loan is​ probably the​ best choice .​
With a​ secured loan the​ self employed person puts up collateral to​ secure the​ loan.
Self certification (also know as​ self cert) loans are not easy to​ get and they often cost more than a​ typical loan .​
Self cert loans charge higher interest rates and can be very difficult for a​ person to​ get if​ they do not have a​ good credit rating.
That said,​ if​ you​ are self employed and have a​ less than perfect credit history,​ all is​ not lost .​
Because of​ the​ amount of​ people that encounter credit problems during their lives,​ the​ banks and lenders have had to​ relax their lending criteria in​ order to​ service this market.
There are also a​ number of​ specialist lenders emerging in​ order to​ target this niche area .​
So for these reasons if​ you​ are self employed and have a​ bad credit history then over the​ coming years it​ will be a​ lot easier to​ obtain finance.
In recent years,​ though,​ more and more people have started working for themselves .​
Due to​ this more and more lenders are open to​ the​ idea of​ self employed loans .​
The interest rates have also come down on​ them .​
The best way to​ get a​ self cert loan is​ to​ be prepared before meeting with the​ lender.
For a​ self employed loan a​ person should have:
- Tax returns for at​ least the​ past two years.
- Current accounting records.
- Proof of​ any additional income.
- Banking statements for past twelve months.
- Copy of​ business license.
- List of​ all assets,​ including bank accounts.
- Current debt information,​ including creditors names and contact information and mortgage statements.
- Proof of​ any child support or​ alimony paid out.
- For adverse or​ no credit,​ proof of​ some revolving credit account,​ such as​ rent or​ utility receipts.
Being prepared and having all of​ this documentation can be very helpful in​ securing a​ self employed loan .​
They may be hard to​ find,​ but with luck a​ self employed person should be able to​ find and obtain a​ loan just like they would if​ they had typical employment.

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