When does this Google madness end? Nobody knows. Everybody is​ on​ board though trying to​ grab whatever piece of​ return they can from Google Organic results. Hey,​ it’s free,​ what else do you​ want? if​ you​ are a​ business owner who has jumped into the​ online waters,​ I’m sure that you​ are frustrated as​ hell hearing a​ million ideas and million methods from a​ million people. And you​ also know that there’s no such thing as​ “free advertising” in​ our world,​ at​ least not yet. So until then,​ you​ might want to​ keep on​ reading.

“The secret to​ SEO” This is​ a​ boring title basically because of​ the​ fact that it​ sounds like a​ generic get rich theme that we,​ Americans are subject to​ on​ a​ daily basis. So all you​ business owners and work from homers must listen to​ me. THERE’S NO SECRET to​ SEO. It’s very basic and I’m sure you​ have read this in​ a​ lot of​ places; it’s content. But many sources fail to​ mention that it​ has to​ be relevant content. I tell each of​ my clients the​ same thing and it​ has 3 major clauses;

1- Original Fresh Content
2- Popularity of​ your site
3- Maintenance
4- Existence

Original and Fresh Content is​ not as​ easy as​ it​ sounds. We are talking about unique information that will move people to​ your site. See,​ the​ problem with many companies showing up on​ the​ top page today is​ that their pages are optimized for Google with a​ combination of​ nonsense sentences and keywords. So,​ my approach is,​ why not build a​ website that actually is​ optimized for humans? When you​ do this,​ you​ are automatically taking care of​ the​ optimization for Google. Come on​ people,​ we all know that Google has game and they’re increasing their technology every day finding ways to​ get rid of​ this “optimization” deal. Google is​ always on​ the​ side of​ the​ users and never the​ advertisers keep that in​ mind.

Guess what,​ once you​ have original and fresh content,​ people are going to​ want to​ visit your site and link to​ your site. Hey,​ we just took care of​ Popularity as​ well. I’m not saying you​ do not have to​ work on​ the​ link exchange thing but I promise that it​ will be minimal. Also you​ want to​ stay away from link farms,​ link exchange offers and paying for links. So I hear that question,​ how else am I going to​ bring links to​ my site? the​ answer is​ content. Write articles,​ submit it​ to​ article sites. Prepare a​ PR,​ submit it​ to​ Believe me; all these will bring links to​ your site. All you​ have to​ do is,​ mention your website at​ the​ end of​ these articles and make sure you​ link to​ your site with your advertised link text.

Now you​ are thinking,​ “That’s it; I have the​ content and the​ links,​ I’m the​ king of​ Google”. That would be wrong. Always remember that while you​ are doing content and popularity,​ there are a​ million competitors doing that and more. So you​ want to​ Maintain your content. you​ want to​ update it​ every week so every time Google spiders come to​ visit your site,​ they find new useful information. Keep up with daily life and updated news. For example,​ if​ you​ sell farming supplies and the​ price of​ grain goes up,​ you​ should write an​ article and put it​ in​ your site. Also publish those articles on​ other articles sites. you​ can find these sites easily with a​ “article submit” search on​ Google.

And the​ last but not least would be Existence. I don’t want to​ get all philosophical on​ you​ but you​ have to​ have some type of​ existence online. Try to​ search for your company name on​ Google and see how many results you​ get; that’s your existence. you​ could also name this one “Brand Recognition”. you​ want to​ increase that so when somebody searches for farming supplies,​ they must see your name. you​ can do this easily by writing articles and Press Releases on​ a​ weekly basis. the​ more you​ write,​ the​ more circulation you​ will get. if​ you​ have a​ great piece of​ article or​ information,​ acquire a​ list of​ media outlets such as​ local and national newspapers,​ and fax it​ to​ them. They just might bite pick it​ up. Always remember to​ include your website at​ the​ end as​ a​ source and you​ might have yourself a​ million dollar makin’,​ traffic gettin’ website,​ Google top rankin’ website !!!

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